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Chris Green offered the following explanation as to why the station was moved:

"At the time of the station's original building in Thornbury Road (Osterley), the A4 Great
West Road did not exist, being part of the 'arterial' road building programme of the 1920/30's.
Therefore I suppose you could say that Thornbury Rd was as good a place as any to
site it, what with Osterley Park main gates only being 50 yards away.
Also, without an intermediate stop, the District Railway management may have considered
Boston Manor to Hounslow East to be too long a run.

I'm just supposing now, but it could just be that the park's owner (Earl of
Jersey) may have swayed the original siting.
With the coming of the new road, I presume someone must have come up with the bright
idea of shifting the station a few hundred yards to make it more useful.
Could this have been the first 'park and ride'? "



  The booking office. The building to the right (out of shot) also formed part of the station.












View from the new Osterley station.
Hardly a great distance away.


















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