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Congress 2005 Report

- A Statement by the Pat Parker Queer Caucus of the Black Radical Congress

- Adoption of the International Worker Justice Resolution [PDF]


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- Rosa Parks: A Woman of Substance by Eric Foner

- POC Conference, Nov 18th-20th: United We Can Win

- The Left and the Millions More Movement - by Amiri Baraka

- We Charge Genocide! - Jamala Rogers

- The Terrorist Named Hurricane Katrina - Bill Fletcher, Jr.

- Spring 2005 Newsletter

- New Article by Jamala Rogers - "Challenges of Building the Black Radical Congress"



What do we mean by Black?

Black is not necessarily a color or hue, but encompasses all peoples of African decent. This includes African Americans as well as those living in the U.S. who are from the Caribbean, Latin American, Africa, and everywhere else Black people can be found on the globe.

Why Radical?

Radical means getting to the root causes of society's injustices and working for root-level, fundamental change. Radicalism is an honored tradition in Black political history.

What is a Congress?

Congress means a gathering of people or a coming together. The BRC seeks to bring together various political forces, organizations, and diverse individuals to discuss our common problems, visions, and solutions.

Special Essay: Rosa Parks: A Woman of Substance
by Eric Foner

Rosa Parks, who died a few days ago at the age of 92, had long since joined Martin Luther King Jr., as the two iconic figures of the civil rights revolution. Highways and subway stations have been named in her honor and she was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most significant persons of the twentieth century. During the third game of the World Series, there was a moment of silence in her honor. [Read More]

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