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Human Potential Groups - What Potential Indeed?

Have you ever been asked: "How is your life? Would you like to improve it? Look at me, I was a wreck of a person but a few months ago. But I attended a few sessions of ... and my life/point of view/relationships has changed for the better."? It could have been on the phone, perhaps on a billboard, or maybe someone you knew. It usually starts with someone you know, you’ll ask what it is all about. You’ll be told of a seminar, a meeting, the word "Forum" may spring. In about three days your life is going to change. You’ll be skeptic about it, "Brainwash!" you’ll say. How typical, "Do I seem brainwashed to you?" will be the response. "Well, no". "So what have you got to lose? A few bucks? (hundreds, usually). Let me tell you something. I would pay ten times as much and still it will be worth it. Heck, I’d pay a million bucks. What I got from it was priceless. Believe me (you do), I’ve got nothing to gain from it, nobody’s paying me. I just want you to share the experience. I don’t know anyone who didn’t gain from it". You’d be impressed. I mean, who wouldn’t be? After such praise, what have you got to lose? The key to happiness is at hand, and for a very reasonable price. "You know what, just come with me to an introductory session and see for yourself". You will. Hell, at least they serve free drinks, perhaps free food. You’ll meet lots of friendly, smiling faces. Very positive attitude indeed. You’ll hear heartwarming experiences from people who tried and succeeded. Family, friends, financially. Things have changed because they look at things differently. Their self-esteem rose. They no longer cared what people thought of them. There must be something for you inside all these stories. People just like you will smile and clap hands. You will, too. You’ll hear words being said, some of which you’ve never heard before, some in unusual context. Words like "being", "breakthrough", "paradigm shift" etc. You don’t know what they mean, but the people who already attended do, and they will nod and smile. Wouldn’t you like to know? After all is done, two or three hours later you’ll be asked to sign and join.

Why not?