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The two Mascots of the 2004 Olympic Games

Phevos and Athena are brother and sister and the official ATHENS 2004 Mascots. Their creation was inspired by an ancient Greek doll and their names are linked to ancient Greece. And yet the two siblings are children of modern times.

Graphic of Athena, one of the two ATHENS 2004 Mascots ©ATHOC Graphic of Phevos, one of the two ATHENS 2004 Mascots ©ATHOC

The names of two Olympian gods: Phevos, name of the Olympian god of light and music, known as Apollo. Athena, goddess of wisdom and patron of the city of Athens.

In this way, Phevos and Athena represent the link between Greek history and the modern Olympic Games.

Phevos and Athena represent the values of Olympism: participation, brotherhood, equality, cooperation, fair play.

Athena and Phevos are two dolls. They remind us of the pleasure of indulging in games; they highlight that the value of participation is higher than that of victory.

At the same time, they are brother and sister, a boy and a girl, symbols of equality and brotherhood around the world. Above all, the two children showcase the everlasting Greek value of human scale and remind us that humanity was, is and will remain at the heart of the Olympic Games.

Together until 2004

Phevos and Athena are two children, simple and joyful, full of vitality and creativity, perhaps mischievous and hence lovable.

Phevos and Athena see sports like a game, as all children do. In this spirit, they add small flags to Shooting; they find new ways to overcome hurdles; they discover additional uses for their feet in Rowing and Synchronized swimming; Athena teaches Phevos how to dive by pushing him from the spring-board; they enjoy themselves at the Trampoline; they hit their targets in Archery. Their efforts are always marked by team spirit, noble competition and equality.

Through their laughter, their lively presence, their freedom of movement and their will to cooperate and stay united, Phevos and Athena will be with us from now on to express with enthusiasm and optimism our will to be united and to share the joy of the greatest celebration of humanity: the Olympic Games. Together, they are ready to show us the way towards the 2004 Olympic Games.

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The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Emblem
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The emblem of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games - Visit the official website of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games.

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Phevos © ATHOC
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