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New Dances
Birmingham Karen Jennings
Bubble Love Noël Castle
Fantabulous Bracken Ellis web
Feel My Vibe Michele Perron
Fool No More Andrew, Simon & Sheila
Hitchin' A Ride Hutch & Carmel Hutchinson
Kate Sala
Kiss & Make Up Maggie Gallagher
Keep On Dancing Robbie McGowan Hickie
Last Dance Hutch & Carmel Hutchinson
Latin Heart Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs
Love Comes First Geri Morrison
Night Owls Sharlene Sipple et al
Nine Million Bicycles Ann Wood
Size Matters Simon Ward/Barry Amato
Toy Soldier Bryan McWherter/Barry Amato
Walk On Chris Watson/Brett Jenkins
X (Intermediate)
Neville Fizgerald
My step sheet/video collection: at

Lessons? S F Bay area line dance instructors listed by TEACH Cities
Clubs: Boots'n' Buckles - Cactus Corners - Country Hustlers - Quick Steppers
Socials: 2nd FRI - 2nd SAT - 1st SUN - 4th SUN - 2nd Sun March
Feb 21 Campbell scripted social 2 - 4; playlist ASAP.
4th Sat Feb w/KOD teaches will be the top 3 from recent events.

FINALLY FRIDAY Teach will be Love Comes First review Fool No More
Westhope Dancers review list
This class is open to BRAND NEW dancers only. The teach will be Bosa Nova.



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