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home » issue 3 » Patterns » Art Scarf - Crochet

Art Scarf - Crochet

by Tracy Call (design & Concept) & Haley Waxberg (pattern fruition)

Photography: Molly Crealock

art scarf - crochet

This crochet scarf is ALL about contrast. (Contrasting colours, shades, number of rows per colour, textures, spaces, shiny yarn with matte yarns, fluffy with smooth,ad nauseum) It works from the same principles as the man scarf, but in multiples. The pattern took some time to compose, but just flew off the needles. The dark brown was the master colour I chose and selected everything else around it. A mohair, a bouclé, a merino, a fancy, a variegated, etc.

My advice to you: Be careful in selecting your yarns, then leave caution to the wind. Keep the colours complimentary, even matchy-poo, and the rest will follow. Don’t be afraid to ask your friendly local yarn dealer for help in selecting contrasting, but complementary yarns.

This is a good second crochet project. It does not require any shaping but it is necessary to be able to read the pattern and be comfortable with the 3 different stitches.


Skills required:


Possible Yarn Substitute


one size

Finished Measurements

15cm/6” wide x 232cm/93” long



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art scarf worn



The edging is applied in 2 sections because the scarf is bisected by the line of tr in Yarn D.


About the author: Tracy Call is a visual artist, graphic designer and Marketing Professional who runs a successful small business in Toronto. She is newly addicted to the fiber arts and cannot stop herself from knitting while on the phone with her clients. Most of her hand-made creations unintentionally have cat hair woven into them - a problem she continues to seek out a solution for. If you know of one, email her. Visit her Marketing and Design website Fruitful Marketing.

Haley Waxberg lives in Toronto. She spends her days playing with wool at Knitomatic, a funky yarn store in the downtown core, and her nights dreaming of shopping. Look her up online at knitomatic.

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