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Cargo pants

Beehive Astra(shown) or Patons Grace 2 3/4 needles

Cast on 30sts.
K1, P1 rib for 2 rows.
Inc 6 sts evenly across next row.
Work in st,st for 1 1/2 inches.
row1: Cast on 2 sts, K16, Inc 1 st in next 4 sts, K16, Cast on 2sts.
row2: Purl across.
row3: *K22, Inc 1 st in next st, place remaining sts on holder.

Working on first 23sts, st,st untiil 6 1/2 inches from waist.
Cast off.

Working on sts from holder.
Inc 1 st in first st, K22.
Work until 6 1/2 inches from waist.
Cast off.
Sew up seams.

Pockets (make 2)
Cast on 6sts.
K1, P1 rib for 2 rows.
St,st for 6 rows.
Cast off.
Sew on to rear seat of pants.

Leg Pockets (make 2 )
Cast on 8 sts
K1,P1 rib for 2 rows.
st,st for 8 rows.
Cast off.
Sew onto side of pant leg at the knee area.


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Do not copy or sell patterns for personal gain.
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