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Knit Fur trimmed coat

2 3/4 mm needles...metric.(2 US)..(12 UK).... patons grace or baby yarn.

In phentex boa
Cast on 26
Work in garter st for 2 rows.
In patons grace or baby yarn.
Work even in st,st for 3 inches.
next: Cast on 5sts beg of next 6 rows.
Work even in st,st for 8 rows.
Divide for fronts.
k 25, cast off 8, k 23
next: p24 turn, leave remaining sts on holder or join another strand of
yarn and work both fronts at the same time reversing shaping.
next: Inc 1st at neck edge of next 5 rows.
work 3 rows even in st,st.
next: cast off 5sts at sleeve edge on next 3 alt rows.
next: work even in st,st until same length as back.
work 2 rows in garter st with phentex boa
cast off.
In phentex boa
pick up and k 11 sts.
work 2 rows even in garter st.
Cast off.
Front bands
In phentex boa
Attach to bottom front edge,
Pick up and k 22 sts up front edge, 8 around neck edge, 22 down other front.
Work 2 rows in garter st.
Cast off.
Sew up seams.

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Do not copy or sell patterns for personal gain.
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