IHCenter Member Groups

International Humanities Center is pleased to provide 501[c](3) fiscal sponsorship for projects that fall within our scope of humanitarian endeavors. IHCenter carefully reviews each independent project, and, once approved, each agrees to share in the cost of administering IHCenter. To accomplish this, projects provide IHCenter with 5% of the revenue donated to their project. IHCenter then uses this revenue to audit project activities to assure compliance with 501[c](3) criteria, prepare year-end tax returns, and maintain administrative staff and project support services.

Following are the current projects that are fully qualified under our 501[c](3) sponsorship program. We highly recommend your support of these important endeavors.

Click here to view an alphabetical list of all IHCenter projects' mission statements, or click on the project of your choice in the list below to view only the information for that project.

IHCenter Member Groups (listed alphabetically):

Access To Quality Care
Action Hero Network
Advantage Foundation
Afghan DU & Recovery Fund
The Afghan Women's Mission
AIDS Affects U$ All
Alliance for U.S. Bases Clean-up, International
American Institute for Arts and Communities
American Songwriters
Arctic Wisdom
Asian Art and Cultural Academy
Ballona Institute
Being Is Free Foundation
The Birthing Vision
Breath of Hope
BroadBand Learning Channel
¡Café Intifada!
The California Cars Initiative
Campaign Humane
Center for Living Meditation
Central Asian Focus Group
The Centre For Social Architecture
Chizarira Wilderness Support Project
The Christian Right
Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools
Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals
Coastal Law Enforcement Action Network
Committee for Justice
Common Vision
The Companion Line
Cuatro Caminos
Deep Lake Institute
Democracy Uprising
Democratic Media Initiative
Dream Weavers
Earth and Sky Lodge
Earth Day Los Angeles
Eating for Peace
Emergency Communities
The Essence of You
Evaluation of Multi-Vitamin Supplements
Fair Made
Forest Action Network
The Freedom Reclamation Project
Full Circle
Gathering of The Tribes
The Global Dialog Project
Global Power Productions
GEM - Greenearth Education Movement
Healing Art
Heart Magic
Heartsong Sound School
Home Away From Home
The Humanity Foundation
Indigenous Land Rights Fund
Institute for Global Peace Work
Jamaica Community Ecological Learning Center
The Kirwin International Relief Foundation
LandLove org
L.A. Sound Posse
The Life Skills Project
Living Light Science of Mind Center, Ukraine
Living Oneness Foundation
Living Paradise
Living Wellness Foundation
Mettã Arts Productions
My Daily Constitution
New Horizons for Women
New Jersey Environmental Integrity Project
The New Jersey Sustainablility Project
Next Level Cheer
Nganga Project
No More Victims
o.c.e.a.n.s. vison
Ocean Day Network
OceanLove org
Old Glory Defense Fund
One Love Vibrations Foundation
The Organic Way
Orphanage Assistance Program
Orphan Sponsorship Program
Palast Investigative Fund
Paradise Cove Outrigger
The People's Foundation
Permacity Foundation
Phoenix Voyage
PR for People and the Planet
Prisoners of Conscience Legal Defense Fund
"Privilege-Sharing" Bodhgaya
Progressive Hollywood Group
Project One Corner
The Prometheus Fund
Public Lands Without Livestock
RAWA Supporters of Santa Barbara
Reweaving Harmony
Seacliff Recovery Scholarship Fund
Sound Currents
Stop AIDS in Russia
Sunflower Children's Foundation
Suriname Indigenous Health Fund
Sustainable Business Council - LA
Unite in Peace
Unite the United Nations!
VIBE Foundation
Volunteer Network International
Voter Action
WaveHeart Foundation
The WE Project
Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion
Western Service Workers Association
Wetlands Action Network
The Whisper Fund
Whispers on the Wind
Wings, Wands & Wishes
Xela Aid International

Alphabetical List of all IHCenter Member Projects
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