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Feb's Donation Wallpaper is now DONE!

Comic for February 09, 2006
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Posted On: February 09, 2006

Okay-- so someone on the forums started this silly poll where you list your Zodiac animal and Element. I didnt know they had elements either just bare with me a second-- So I did some searching and discovered I am a Wood Rat-- and was bored so looked up that I would be most compatable with a Metal Monkey (Feb 16 1980-Feb 04 1981) or an Earth Dragon (Feb 17 1988-Feb 05 1989)-- preferabley the later as older girls scare me-- So I was bored, looked up Kiey's (Water Pig!) and than looked up Rachel/Ryan's with a rough estimate of his birthday in accordence to when Rebecca got pregnant and stuff... The number I came up with was April 1988... which makes Rachel an Earth Dragon-- does anyone else sense the potential love in the air? Good-- me neither...

So if there are any hot redhead Earth Dragons out there-- call me. ;-)

We attempted to order the pins that was said would accompany certain donations, but I dont know if they have shut down or what is going on-- for those who ARE on our list to get a pin, you will still get SOMETHING, if they completely flake on us, we are looking into making a very limited set of character t-shirts to replace the pins.


Posted On: February 09, 2006

So if you read Rayne's post you know I'm a water pig... woo? Apparently my compatibles are Fire Dragons and Fire Rabbits... That's and interesting image...

And to explain panel 3... see while I was setting up the shot for Rachel, her backpack straps snapped and we couldn't find a replacement backpack that matched hers. Luckily we had gotten 3 of the 4 shots done for the comic, so it's not too big a deal I guess.

Also wanted to mention this comic I just finished reading the archive of. It's Yosh Comics. The art isn't great at the start, but it manages to get better and better as it moves along, but you tend to expect that. But its got some good writing and some cool characters. It's a pretty big cast... maybe as big as ours... But yeah its got a good story, and it's an interesting premise. I look forward to seeing what will happen next. Plus you gotta love all the Azumanga Daioh references.