2006-02-03 - 9:99 z.m.

> jack outside z b0x <

they think that fucking in a bus
while turning back time is impossible
without a driver's license? what has
become of this wxrld, i asks you?

anyhoo, immmmmmmm in and out and round
about, planning to watch the olympix
& chill with 1/8th ginga grrrlz or sumtin.

that is if they still exist somewhere
downtown and i remember how to get there.

oh, wait, they have a webby addy, ok then
i'll return tiffany #158 & see what ginga
has to offer, in terms of painted mujeres & all.

same ole, same ole, my infinity gee has been
impounded for the 3rd time in liek less than
a month, oh the fun nevah evah stops. howza

things with youza, i'm just peachy berrily
happily cruisin' along and also whoa, i might even
watch the superbowl this sunday if someone takes
pity on me and calls. i don't have any expectation:z!

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