Britain's Most Watched TV

Cover: Television ShowbookBritain's Most Watched TV charts as never before those programmes that have been watched by the biggest audiences - from the beginnings of TV's widespread hold on the nation to the present day.

Based on specially commissioned research from the bfi's Information Services, Britain's Most Watched TV was broadcast by Channel 4 on May 12005. Here are the full decade-by-decade charts as seen on the programme, so you can see for yourself whether Coronation Street beats EastEnders or find out which Royal's wedding was seen by the biggest viewing public.

1950sThe 1950s - Top 20

Top programme - Wagon Train

1960sThe 1960s - Top 20

Top programme - World Cup Final 1966

1970sThe 1970s- Top 20

Top programme - Apollo 13 Splashdown

1980sThe 1980s - Top 20

Top programme - EastEnders

1990sThe 1990s - Top 20

Top programme - Funeral of Princess Diana

2000sThe 2000s - Top 20

Top programme - Only Fools and Horses

Researching the charts

How the charts were compiled using the television industry's official sources for measuring its audiences.

TV at the bfi National Library

Britain's Most Watched TV was put together using the unique resources of the bfi National Library. Find out more about the treasures held at the library and how to research television for yourself.

TV at the National Film and Television Archive

Find out which parts of broadcast history survive in the archives.

TV in Britain

A brief history of Britain's fascination with the small screen.

Britain's Most Watched TV was produced by Objective North for Channel 4.