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Ululations, and welcome to The WEREWeb! This site is maintained by Utlah. This website deals with the many subjects of "Therianthropy", such as Lycanthropy, Animal Guides and Spirits, Totem Animals and anything that may be animal or spirit related. It would certainly appear that there's more to the myth of lycanthropy than first appears...

There are several sections to this website, a brief description of each is shown below.


Articles: Discussions about therianthropy, about its definition, and its existence. There are also synopses of various Were related movies, and some lycanthropic stories.
EuroHowls: The EuroHowls are gatherings of Weres and Furs in Europe, and originated as part of AHWw. Also included are the amusing results of a psyche test taken by the Weres at EH'96.
Werecards: Werecards contain information about a particular AHWw member. A large archive of Werecards is contained here.
Humour: A large collection of Werewolf and animal related humour. Includes original humour not available anywhere else.
Community: A collection of forums regarding theriomorphic subjects, and several articles along with FAQs for both ALF and AHWw.
Fluffy Bits: Bits I didn't know where else to put, but which no website could be without, such as the Guestbook.


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