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Great White North has been established in 1999 by Rémi Côté and Stéphane Bélanger in the province of Québec, Canada. It is specialized in all things Metal and sub-genres and it has already made its mark worldwide as a honest independent label.

We are dedicated individuals storming the scene since 1984-85 under one shape or another. We've started GWN for our love for extreme music and Metal in general. We are releasing skull crushing Metal as well as promoting the scene… We are a label, a distributor, a mailorder and we also offer other services…

G.W.N. have later spawned two divisions: Grind It! Records, which is specialized in the field of Grindcore / Crust and other very extreme sub-genres; Demÿsteriis is dedicated to all Black Metal / darker type of Metal; They have also started another label with other partners: P.N.F. (Productions Nouvelle France) is mostly specialized in Francophone Rock / Punk and other more meanstream music.

Finally, after being around for many years as a label, we have opened our first music store in Montréal: Profusion was the next logical step to complete our presence in the Canadian underground scene!

Rémi Côté

Rémi Côté has been around and involved in the underground since the very beginning of the 80's, collecting and trading demos when the word "trading" was still only used by businessmen!

After being involved in this manner for several years, he started working on his very first fanzine called Profusion, along with Stéphane and another guy… They issued three numbers of the zine, and then some more issues, which have been released under the name United Throng. He also did several other fanzines projects and collaborated in several other international publications (Positive Noise, Exulceration, etc.)

Then in 1990, he became Sherbrooke's infamous Death Grinders Purulence's manager, and this until the band's demise in 1996. The band even got a record deal with France's Adipocère Records for a 7", a split CD and a full length. However, the band never got around to do the full length. He was also involved with several other small bands.

His first experience in the recording business has been with his first independent label New World Symphony Records, which lasted from 1994 to early 1996, releasing the now cult-like Death Metal opus Reign Of Lunacy from Gorelust. This item is a real "sought after" item for extreme collectors! We would like to add that this album has been bootlegged by one of the world's biggest rip-off bastard Cryptic Souls Productions from Italy…

Later on in 1997, he created another independent label called Soundscape Music Canada, releasing a mini-CD from Russia's Black Metal combo Sunchariot Betrayal Light Of Fertile Ground as well as re-issuing Obliveon's cult 1987 demo Whimsical Uproar, later on licensed by Red Stream Records from the United-States. He had to stop this activity because of some serious health problems… But everything is back on track now!

Finally, after being away from the scene for about one year, he couldn't take it anymore and decided that it was time to get back to business… Guess what?! Yep, he created yet another independent label; yours truly GWN… Oups, he also got married!!!

Stéphane Bélanger

Stéphane "Master" Bélanger has been involved in the underground scene since the very beginning of the 80's, doing a bit of trading but mostly as a producer and editor.

His first direct involvement in this business has been with Rémi, creating and releasing the fanzine Profusion. They released three numbers of this fanzine before they changed the name to United Throng, releasing two more issues of that fanzine. He also wrote in several other zines as a freelancer.

Then in 1987, he produced Obliveon's (then known as Oblivion) first demo ever, shortly followed by their cult second demo Whimsical Uproar a few months later. He acted as the band's manager for about three years and he has been involved with the band's PR and fan mail aspect until the band's split in late 2001. He also briefly managed another band from Montréal called Greeting Death, until its demise a few months later.

In 1994, he was invited by Rémi Côté to join the owning team of New World Symphony Records. As it is written in Rémi's bio, they released the cult album Reign Of Lunacy, as well as two compilation albums entitled Underground Symphonies I and II.

Later on, he became involved once again with Rémi in creating Soundscape Music Canada. That is also when Stef decided it was time he got back into the media scene… With the internet now strongly integrated in our society, he created the webzine Soundscape, which has reached nine issues before he called it quits because of the overwhelming amount of work that the label and his personal life demanded…

In 1998/1999, he started a musical project called Vargr, along with Steeve Hurdle (ex-Gorguts) and Stéphane Picard (ex-Obliveon), playing drums and singing on this project. They did record a mini-album but it never got mixed (yet!!) and the project has been put on hiatus since Steeve decided to take a leave of absence to attend to some personal matters. But he still hopes to release it some day... Anyone interested?

Of course, as soon as Rémi recuperated from his health problems, he asked Stéphane to join him in creating Great White North… And of course, he got right into the project! And the story goes on from here…

Actual top 10
  1. Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring
  2. Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure
  3. Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution
  4. Rotten Sound - Exit
  5. Fistfuck / Aberrant - Split CD
  6. Brief Respite - Lullaby to the Moon
  7. Behemoth - Demigod
  8. Despised Icon - new album avd. tracks
  9. Mind Eclipse - Utopia: Formula of God
  10. The Mass - Towards Darkness
Actual top 10
  1. Candlemass - s/t
  2. Fistfuck / Aberrant - Split CD
  3. Mind Eclipse - Utopia: Formula of God
  4. Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh
  5. Beneath the Massacre - Evidence of Inequity
  6. In Battle - Welcome To The Battlefield
  7. The Red Chord - Clients
  8. The Haunted - Revolver
  9. Soulgrind - The Origins of the Paganblood
  10. Bazou - Baby Boomers