Why Are Church Sound Systems & Church Acoustics So Confusing?

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"Why Are Church Sound Systems and Church Acoustics So Confusing?"


"Sufficient information is available to such an extent that
it is inexcusable for any church building to have poor acoustics.
The acoustical results may be  determined even before the building is constructed."

Page 163 - Planning Better Church Buildings, William A Harrell, Broadman Press Nashville © 1947

The public-address system in the auditorium should be considered at the beginning of the planning... Special acoustical engineers may need to be consulted. The public address system is part of the acoustical accommodation of the building. Especially this is true in the sanctuary.
Page 56, Providing Adaquate Church Property and Buildings, William A. Harrell, Convention Press, Nashville, © 1969

Churches are built for many reasons, though the one main desire is to spread the WORD.

As Christians, we have the most important message -

Shouldn't we do everything we can to ensure it's heard & understood?

Our Services Include:

  • Complete Church Sound System Designing
  • Complete Church Acoustics
  • New Sanctuary Designing
  • Complete Acoustical Testing
  • Evaluations of Architectural Blue Prints
  • Evaluations of Sound System Proposals
  • Noise Control of Worship Spaces

The performance level of your completed project can only be as good as
the advice you receive and how closely you follow it.

Third Edition In Stock!
Check it Out!

Blake, My wife gave me a copy of "Church Sound Made Simple" for Christmas since I asked Santa for it.  I've only been able to read the first few chapters, and reviewed the rest quickly, but boy, am I impressed!

Just to let you know, I've spent about 35 years in sound, had some classes beyond a BA and Radio and Television Communications (Washington State University '73) and been working with sound and video for some time...

Michael J. Bently, Colorado

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