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Yuin Nation

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Type: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
Location: South-eastern NSW, New South Wales, Australia
Summary Information: The Yuin or Coast Murring occupied territory from Cape Howe to the Shoalhaven River and inland to the Great Dividing Range, from 1797 - 1800. The population pre 1788 was estimated at about 11 000 between Cape Howe and Batemans Bay, comprising two main tribes, Walbanja and Dyiringanj. As a result of smallpox epidemics, tribal battles and venereal disease from whalers, the population is believed to have reduced by 95 percent, leaving only 600 survivors by the mid 1800s.
Currently, the Yuin are considered as the traditional owners of Wallaga Lake land. Yuin is the general or generic name for all tribes from Merimbula to Port Jackson.
Sources used to compile this entry: Ron Gaha R and Judy Hearn, Bermagui: A Century of Features and Families as cited at the Mumballa Foundation website: http://www.mumbulla.org/html/yuin_peoples.html (at 7 March 2005).
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