To repair the notebook battery, it is not enough just to replace cells.The battery will not work, or will work badly. The reason consists in contents of EEPROM chip. It remains the same as it was before replacement of cells, and contains the information that the battery is unusable. "Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter" allows to change these contents, and the battery will work as new.

Process of restoration is very simple and does not require special knowledge or skills. You need just connect EEPROM chip to adapter, and to press " Reset " button. All necessary changes will be made automatically. Then you need to assemble the battery and inset it into notebook.

"Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter" uses Philips Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter that can be assembled in one hour by person with no electronics skills and does not require any hard-to-find components. Total components cost is around $1.

"Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter" allows user to reset Smart Battery EEPROM contents to its initial values (this will erase all tracks of previous battery usage) except for ManufactureDate, which will be changed to current system date. All the Permanent Failure Flags if such will be found will be cleared (this will unlock the battery if it is locked) . So user will have a "brand new" battery after repacking. Electronics skills are also not needed. Everything works automatically. No editable fields. Just one button - "Reset".

Allows to read and write content of EEPROM chip used in battery.

Now you can order the following chipsets:
  • BQ2040/24C01/24C02
  • BQ2060/BQ2063/24C01/24C02
  • BQ2092/24C01
  • M37515/M37516/S29L220 (SL220)
  • PIC16C63A/24C01 (used in COMPAQ Armada M300, E500, M700, Evo and some other models)
  • M37516/AK6480A (80AF) (80AM)
  • AS355D/AS358D/AS372D/S29L394A (SL394) ( IBM ThinkPad T20..23)
  • M37516/93C56 (Dell D600 and maybe some other models)
  • M37515/24C01 (IBM ThinkPad 390, Acer and maybe some other models)

  • The chipsets listed above cover a grate variety of notebook batteries such as used in IBM ThinkPad, DELL, Toshiba, HP etc.

    This software has no parameters to be adjusted by user. Simply connect the battery or EEPROM chip to adapter and start the program. The only thing user has to remember - adapter must be connected to LPT1 with the following settings in BIOS: address - 378, modes - EPP or ECP. "Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter" can be run under the following versions of Windows: Win95/Win98/WinME/Win2000/Win2003/WinXP. If you work under Win95/98/ME then go to "My Computer/Properties/Performance/File System/Troubleshooting/" and check "Disable all 32-bit protected-mode disk drivers " checkbox. No special requirements for PC hardware.

    Registered version will be tied to your Primary Master IDE hard disk. You can find its ID (factory assigned) in a header of Smart Battery Data Report ("Save" button) saved with demo version. Since this HDD_ID is assigned by manufacturer you can format and partition your hard disk freely. It does not affect "Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter" functionality. If you change your PC you just need to install this HDD as a Primary Master on your new PC. In case you want to replace your HDD with a new one just send us a letter with your new HDD_ID and include the old HDD_ID. The old one will be rejected from our database and you will receive "Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter" compiled with a new data. The last operation is allowed twice in year after 6 months will expire. We don't think you change your hard disks more often.

    Your benefit:
  • All the hardware you need is a simple adapter. Anything can happen during repairing process and if you ruin it - just replace 74LS05 and it works again.
  • No need to buy any expensive programmers.
  • No need to explore undocumented EEPROMs, which are always a puzzle. We made it for you. New chipsets will be added permanently.
  • This program is very easy in use. We made it as simple as it possible.

  • Price: $20 for each chipset. You can order as many chipsets as you want, but if you want all of them, we recommend you "Smart Battery Workshop" for $80.
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