Australia Day Quiz Questions

ROUND 1 - Australia Day

1. In which year was Australia Day first celebrated? Was it 1789, 1818, 1874 or 1901?


2. What is Australia’s official name?

Commonwealth of Australia

3. The awarding of the Australian of the Year began in which year?


4. Why was Australia Day 1959 significant for Darwin?

Darwin was granted city status.

5. In what year did Advance Australia Fair become the national anthem?


6. Who is the only person to have been awarded both the Australian of the Year and the Young Australian of the Year titles?

Cathy Freeman

7. Which band has received an Australian of the Year Award?

The Seekers

8. Who was the first Senior Australian of the Year?

Slim Dusty

9. 1994 Australian of the Year Ian Kiernan was recognised for founding what?

Clean-Up Australia Campaign

10. What is the 23rd word of the National Anthem?



ROUND 2 - Your Territory

1. How long is the Alice to Darwin railway line? 1420 kilometres

2. How many times does the railway cross the Stuart Highway? Four

3. Who turned the first sod to mark the official start of construction of the railway?

Prime Minister John Howard (technically correct - people might also add Chief Minister Denis Burke, Premier John Olsen, and Franco Moretti of FreightLink as they were all in the photos)

4. In which year is construction of the Wickham Point LNG plant due to be completed?


5. Where is the Bayu Undan oil and gas field situated?

The Timor Sea

6. How much funding has the NT Government committed to the Darwin City Waterfront project?

$100 million

7. What will be the centrepiece of the Waterfront redevelopment?

A convention and exhibition centre

8. Where has the Darwin Business Park been established?

Near the railway marshalling yards, behind the current Darwin Port Corporation or what was the TDZ, down the road from the East Arm Port Precinct

9. When will the Territory celebrate the 30th anniversary of self-government?

July 1, 2008

10. What day of the week is Territory Day this year?

Thursday, July 1

ROUND 3 - General Knowledge

1. A cube of sponge cake covered with chocolate icing and coconut is better known as what?

A lamington

2. Who is on the front of the current issue $100 note?


Dame Nellie Melba

3. Name Australia’s longest river.

Darling River

4. What year was construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge completed?


5. Which is the second largest city in NSW?


6. What outback town’s population swells from 120 to crowds of over 5000 for a racing carnival?


7. In rhyming slang, if someone said they we going to have a "bo-peep", what would they be doing?

Having a sleep

8. What animal featured on the 2-cent coin?

Frill Necked Lizard

9. Approximately how many rabbits are there in Australia today? A) 3 million B) 30 million C) 300 million D) 3,000 million.

C - 300 million

10. What was the first non-native animal introduced into Australia?

The dingo


ROUND 4 - Aussie Arts, Literature, Plants, Animals etc

1. What was the name of Norman Lindsay’s Magic Pudding?


2. Who wrote the novel Cloudstreet?

Tim Winton

3. Who was the first Australian to win the Booker Prize?

Thomas Keneally


4. Jim Bancks created which much-loved Australian cartoon character?

Ginger Meggs

5. Which infamous painting was described by the Australian press as having been done by drunks?

Blue Poles

6. What year was the cane toad introduced into Queensland?


7. How many species of venomous snakes are there in Australia? Is it 22, 57 or 115?


8. What is a Thylacine more commonly known as?

The Tasmanian Tiger

9. Lantana is classified as a weed. True or False?


10. What is Australia’s largest bird?

The emu






ROUND 5 - Politics & Current Affairs

1. Who appoints the Administrator of the Northern Territory?

The Governor-General

2. Who plays with babies near crocodiles and says ‘Crikey’ a lot?

Steve Irwin

3. Name the Territory politician who advised residents to open their windows during blackouts.

Len Kieley

4. Who was Australia’s first woman premier?

Dr Carmen Lawrence

5. Name the former state premier who said "Too many cooks and not enough Indians spoil the golden egg."

Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson

6. What day is the forthcoming Queensland election?

Saturday, February 7

7. How many minutes early was the first freight train into Darwin?


8. Who is the croc attack survivor who recently came out against safari-style hunting of the animals?

Val Plumwood

9. What are Steve Irwin’s kids names?

Bob and Bindi

10. Who pulled the plug on drinks for dignitaries at the first train celebrations?

Chief Minister Clare Martin





ROUND 6 - Entertainment

1. Who does Dorothy the Dinosaur hang out with?

The Wiggles

2. How many albums did Slim Dusty record?


3. Who has an award-winning album titled Barricades and Brickwalls?

Casey Chambers

4. What is the name of Kylie Minogue’s lingerie line?

Love Kylie

5. What were the first names of the winning couple from The Block?

Fiona and Adam

6. Who won consecutive Gold Logie’s from 1997 to 2000?

Lisa McCune

7. Who are the actors who play Kath and Kim?

Jane Turner and Gina Riley

8. Who is the Australian director of the movies Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge?

Baz Luhrmann

9. What is the highest grossing Australian movie?

Crocodile Dundee

10. Who was the host of Channel 7s long-running music show ‘Sounds’?


Donnie Sutherland



ROUND 7 - Australian History

1. When was the White Australia Policy formally abolished?

1972, by Gough Whitlam

2. How many ships were in the First Fleet?


3. What year was Uluru handed back to the traditional owners?


4. Where was Ned Kelly’s last stand?


5. Who was the first person on board Endeavour to spot the Australian mainland?

Lieutenant Zachary Hicks

6. What year was the landmark ‘Mabo’ decision handed down by the High Court?


7. Rum Jungle was Australia’s first what?

Uranium Mine

8. What year was the ANZUS treaty signed?


9. Who was the leader of the revolt at the Eureka Stockade?

Peter Lalor


10. On what date did James Cook land at Botany Bay? (Accept year)

28th April 1770




ROUND 8 - Aussie Sport

1. Who was the only Australian Swimmer to win gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics?

Duncan Armstrong

2. Who won the Brownlow Medal in 2003?

Mark Ricciuto, Nathan Buckley and Adam Goodes

3. Of our Australian male swimmers, who has won the most Olympic gold medals?

Murray Rose

4. Which horse won the Melbourne Cup in 2002?

Media Puzzle

5. How many gold medals did Australians win at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games?

2 – Steven Bradbury and Alisa Camplin

6. Who was the most recent Australian to win the men’s singles title at Wimbledon?

Lleyton Hewitt

7. How many runs did Steve Waugh make in his final test innings?


8. Which former Test bowler recently suggested Australia needed a specialist bowling coach?

Bruce Reid

9. What did Essendon Coach Kevin Sheedy recently do on a West Australian beach?

He collapsed (or fainted)

10. Name the Australian brother and sister swimmers who held a number of world swimming records in the late 50s and early 60s.

John and Ilsa Konrads


ROUND 9 - Know Your Darwin

1. Name the notorious Darwin resident who drowned a feral cat in a wheelie bin.

Peter Major

2. What year were the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens originally founded?


3. Which markets are Darwin’s oldest?

Rapid Creek Markets

4. What would you find at 93 Mitchell Street?

The Darwin Entertainment Centre

5. In which year was the NT News first published?


6. Darwin’s Catholic Cathedral is on the corner of which two streets?

Smith and McLoughlin

7. What was the name of the cyclone that passed by Darwin three weeks before Tracy?


8. The Brown’s Mart building was originally a what?

Mining Exchange

9. Name all the streets running from McMinn Street towards the city between Daly and Bennet streets.

Foelsche, Knuckey, Gardiner, Manton, Lindsay, Sheppard, and McLaughlin

10. In which year will Darwin celebrate its 200th birthday?



ROUND 10 - Australian Brainbusters

1. What year did the SECOND Fleet arrive in Australia?


2. Spell Mount Kosciuszko CORRECTLY


3. Name the Seven Little Australians from eldest to youngest.


Meg, Pip, Judy, Nell, Bunty, Baby and the General.

4. How long is the great Barrier Reef? Is it 1800kms, 2000kms, 2500kms or 2800kms?


5. What year did Australia’s first nuclear reactor open at Lucas Heights?


6. The first international Qantas flight was from Darwin to where?


7. Where in Australia is the Big Guitar?

Tamworth, NSW

8. Who was the first Australian-born Governor-General?

Sir Isaac Isaacs

9. In which year did the senate overturn the Territory’s euthanasia legislation?


10. Who wrote Waltzing Matilda?

Banjo Patterson


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