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Agincourt C.I.
2621 Midland Avenue
Agincourt, Ontario
M1S 1R6

Telephone: 416-396-6675
Fax: 416-396-6714

Mr. A. T. Sim B.P.H.E, B. ED

D. Caruana, B.A., B. Ed.
T. Lazarou, B.P.H.E., B.Ed.

Vice Principals

Guidance Head - Mrs. O. Wisniewski - (416) 396-5773
Student's Activity Council - (416) 396-6088
Caretaking Services - (416) 396-6742


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Story of Agincourt CI

Agincourt Collegiate Institute
As a school, Agincourt Collegiate strives to meet the needs of an ever-changing community. In addition to the wide variety of regular programs, Agincourt offers E.S.L. to assist new Canadians, Special Education programs for learners with special needs, and Co-operative Education for students seeking practical experience as they prepare to enter the world of work.

Agincourt also offers French immersion and Extended French programs from Grade 9 to OAC. Students have the opportunity of studying various subject areas such as French, Arts Dramatiques, Arts Visuels, Educations Physique, Geographie, Histoire, Informatique. After accumulating the required number of credits, students will receive an Immersion or Extended French Bilingual Certificate.

Agincourt has a strong sense that students can help other students through mentoring, student tutoring, and peer helping. Senior students can apply to act as teaching assistants. They help other students right in the classroom and, in doing so, gain valuable experience. Their motto is "Prepared for all Things" and is illustrated by the involvement of many students in Art exhibits, Drama productions, Music ensembles, the Science Olympics, championship sports, and business and technological competition.
Written by: Micheal She

Our school, founded in 1915, as Agincourt Continuation School, became Agincourt High School in 1954, and Agincourt Collegiate Institute in 1957. A.C.I is the oldest secondary school in the former Scarborough.

Ad Omnia Paratus
(Prepared for all things!)

School Colors
Forest Green and White

Agincourt Lancers

School Song
"The Green and White"
Stand up and give a cheer for Agincourt.
We'll always do our best for Agincourt.
Our colors standing high
Forever they will fly.
The green and White
Will make us fight
For A.C.I.
"Ad Omnia Paratus" , shout it loud;
Our motto will forever make us proud.
We'll honour this old school,
And bring it fame anew.
Stand up for Agincourt

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