A hundred years ago the Rutherfords were a Canterbury dynasty, the seven sons of poor Scottish migrants having acquired huge tracts of land. By hard work and astute dealings they, like others nearby, earned the name 'Amuri Wool Kings'. This book tells how they achieved this, and how they lived their lives. It is an inside story of seven families that worked hard and played hard, contributing to their communities, cooperating and disagreeing, and sharing successes and setbacks.
Nothing but Grass and Wind describes the fortunes of the author's own family and explains how they shaped, and were shaped by, geographical, economic and social factors. In a history which spans almost one hundred years, Janet Holm develops this pastoral theme to include the whole fascinating period of Canterbury squatters.

"The Rutherford saga is the kind of stuff TV blockbusters are made of. And Janet Holm does it justice." Christchurch Star.







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