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OneCause Mission Statement

To provide an eCommerce fundraising system that supports the efforts of charitable, nonprofit organizations whose goal is to make a difference in their communities.

As our mission statement points out, we aim to provide a premium and unencumbering e-commerce fundraising system that supports the efforts of organizations such as the United Way, Junior League, YMCA, unions, youth sports leagues, schools and universities, religious facilities, family sports teams, etc. Affiliate eCommerce Marketing, and the commissions it generates, offers an excellent opportunity for us to give back in a manner that costs us nothing. Just two extra mouse clicks. Using the strength and phenomenal growth of Business to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce, our implementation of innovative technology benefits the organizations that have a significant impact on our society and our lives.

It will not work without you...

Everyone has an affinity toward some organization whether it is your church, your college alumni association, your child’s community baseball team or your local labor union. If you are already shopping online, why not support one of these or other national organizations? There is no burden in doing so and we all benefit in the long run.

OneCause has been in existence since July of 2000. The company had changed ownership in mid 2001. Our new tracking technology went on the market in November, 2001. The new management is solely and completely committed to organizations that make the world a better place. We are proud to partner our technical and business skills to the benefit of organizations that preserve the integrity of the community, and the people that participate within those communities. We are not in this business for fame and fortune. We see over $100 Billion per year in eCommerce for the US alone. Through OneCause, every year we can redirect hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the community, to the groups that are so deserving.

OneCause President - James G. Adair

Mr. Adair was the Founder and President of Regina Tours, the largest Catholic Pilgrimage Operator in the United States. For the past 21 years, he has been involved in fund raising at the Capital Campaign, Endowment, and state level political arena. Over the past two decades, the pilgrimage vehicle has been used by churches and schools to raise much needed funds and award free travel to thousands of clergy and lay persons. Mr. Adair sees OneCause as a natural extension of his assisting Catholic Priests, Religious, and Lay Persons in attaining their goals of fundraising through value added venues.

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