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A, A' [A, A Prime] (as released in English by Viz) is a set of three related short stories by Moto Hagio about a genetically engineered race called Unicorns, who have ridges running down the cetre of their skulls from which a red mand grows.  The Unicorns were developed to work in space, especially with computers, and their capacity for emotion was supposedly eliminated for facilitation of their work.  This however, proves not to be the case in the stories presented to us, and the emotions locked within the Unicorns are revealed in ways that will touch your heart as well as opening your mind.

Introduction to the three stories in the graphic novel.

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Unicorn Mini Fact File

I've only read one other work by Moto Hagio, but I loved it just as much:

They Were Eleven

Another view of the future sees a set of students undergoing their final examinations to gain entrance to the Galactic University.  All the applicants have been divided into groups of ten and sent out into space to survive for fifty-three days on their own, and we follow one particular group in their attempt to pass this final and most difficult test.  Instead of ten, however, there are eleven in this group - just who is the imposter?  The problems start there, and events rapidly head in a disasterous downward spiral which they may not be able to escape...

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A, A' and They Were Eleven are both published by Viz (They Were Eleven can be found in the graphic novel entitled Four Shojo Stories).
Translations for both were done by Matt Thorn.

A, A'  ISBN - 1-56931-238-9
Four Shoujo Stories  ISBN - 1-56931-055-6

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