Have You Crossed Over?

"Have you crossed over?" in Japanese
The Beatles crossing over
Paul McCartney crossing over

Have you visited London and had your picture taken crossing Abbey Road? If you have then why not e-mail it to us at crossing@abbeyroadcafe.com and we'll add it to this web page. Don't forget to tell us who's in the picture, where you are from and when it was taken.

Looking for an old photo? Perhaps it's in our archive:

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Please note, the archived pictures are listed by the date we received them, not when they were taken.

February 2006

Chuck Herman has sent these pictures from a visit he made with his wife Connie and niece Adrienne on Monday 16 April 2001. Above is Chuck on the crossing.............

...............and this is Connie and Adrienne having a quick rest on the steps of the Studio entance.........

...........and now Chuck on the steps. I'm curious as to why - if this was on a Monday at 2:30 in the afternoon - the Studio doors are closed. Most unusual! I forgot to mention that Chuck and the family are from Bel Air, Maryland, USA. Glad you enjoyed your visit over here Chuck - and thanks for the kind words about the web site!

Sabine from Berlin and her boyfriend Sascha, from Viersen, came to London from Germany on a two day trip - Sascha's Christmas present to Sabine! Great present! Here is Sascha standing where the road sign normally is. Someone must have 'borrowed' it! Luckily there is another sign up on the apartment block wall - just in case Sascha ever forgets where the picture was taken!

...and now Sabine on the crossing.........

...........Hold on! Let's try that again!........

...........and Sascha...........

.........and once more - just for the fun of it!

Thanks for sending the pictures Sabine!

Susan Landauer writes: Was browsing and found your web site. This picture was taken at Abbey Road in July this past summer. From left to right we are Jill, Andrea, Susan, Anne and Elaine ....from NY, Arizona, Ny, Arizona and North Carolina . Please put us in your web site. It would make Anne especially happy. . . . . . . . . It's our pleasure Susan.

This is Joseph Primm - leaning against the lamp post - from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, making use of having his picture taken by the Abbey Road Studios web cam.

Joseph also sent a collection of several pictures, together with some interesting comments, covering the details of his visit to St John's Wood. Thanks for that Joseph, just a few too many to add here but I really enjoyed browsing through them. (JJ)

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