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2001 Recipient of the H.H. STERN

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Innovation in Second Languages Award
"Second Languages Matter"

Kevin Flynn

Burry Heights Mini Immersion Program

   Each Year the students enrolled in the Core French 2200 program at Holy Trinity High School in Torbay, NF have participated in an overnight 30 hr. Immersion program. The school invites French 2200 students from another school in another community to participate. The program takes place at the Burry Heights Church Camp in the countryside, with limited possible outside distractions.

   The objective of the program is to offer to the students (approx. 50) an opportunity to communicate in French using their second language skills in a non-school setting. Participating students interact during the activities with both familiar and unfamiliar students, teachers and French Language Monitors.

During the mini immersion program students have an opportunity to use their language skills while participating in the following activities:

1. Brise glace
2. Jeux olympiques
3. Théâtre
4. Renseignements
5. Rapport

Kevin Flynn is the Assisitant Principal/French Teacher at Holy Trinity High School.

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