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  Additional material for Court TV's documentary,
"Michael Swango: License to Kill"
  Mugshot from Quincy, IL Police Department.
Swango was arrested on October 26,1984 for battery for poisoning co-workers at the Adams County, IL, Ambulance Service.
  Page from Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine yearbook. Swango received his MD in 1983. (Click here for the full page)  

October 21, 1954 Born, Tacoma, Washington.
April 15, 1980 Honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps.
April 1983 Graduates Southern Illinois University School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine Degree.
July 1983 Enters Internship program at Ohio State University Hospital (OSUH).
June 30, 1984 Terminated from OSUH. (In 2000 he confessed to administering a lethal dose of potassium to OSUH patient, Cynthia McGee.)
July 1984 Becomes Emergency Medical Service (EMS) technician for the Illinois Ambulance Service in Adams County.
October 26,1984 Arrested by Quincy, IL Police Dept. and charged with battery for poisoning his co-workers at the Adams County Ambulance Service with snack food laced with arsenic.
1985 Ohio authorities investigate Swango's activities at OSUH, but no charges are filed.
August 23, 1985

Convicted for aggravated battery for poisoning co-workers at the Adams County Ambulance Service. Receives a 5 year sentence.


Two forgeries used by Swango at the time he was applying to residency programs.

May 20, 1991
July 1, 1992 Starts working as resident at Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
December 1992 Discharged after authorities received reports of his activities at Ohio State University Hospital.
June 1, 1993 Admitted to the residency program at the Northport Veterans Administration Medical Center administered by the State University of New York Medical School at Stony Brook.
July 1, 1993 Begins residency program with a rotation in Internal Medicine.
July 12-26, 1993
September 23, 1993
October 4, 1993

Northport VA Hospital patient, Thomas Sammarco, dies.

October 13, 1993 The Dean of Stony Brook School of Medicine receives a call from the Dean of the University of South Dakota Medical School, describing the circumstances of Swango's 1992 dismissal. Swango is relieved of clinical duties.
October 19, 1993 Swango is discharged from the residency program for falsifying residency information.
October 25, 1993
November 1994 Accepted by the Zimbabwe Association of Christian Hospitals and assigned to Mnene Hospital in Zimbabwe, Africa.
May 14, 1995

Mnene Hospital patient, Kenias Muzezewa, found poisoned.

July 7,1995

Mnene Hospital patient, Virginia Sibanda, found poisoned.

July 21, 1995 Suspended from practice at Mnene Hospital.
March 19, 1997
May 1997 Obtains employment as a physician at the Royal Hospital in Dharan.
June 1997 Stopping off in Chicago on his way from Africa to Saudi Arabia, arrested by Federal authorities for false statement and controlled substance charges.
March 1998 Pleads guilty to false statement charge.
June 12, 1998

Sentenced to three and a half years in prison by U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York.

July 11, 2000

Indicted on Federal charges by U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York for three murders at the Northport VA Hospital.

September 6, 2000 Swango pleads guilty to fraud charges and to the murders of Siano, Serini and Sammarco at VA Medical Center at Northport. Sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.



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Online chat with journalist James Stewart, author a book about the Swango case.

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