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JCreator with Haskell support

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A powerfull IDE for both Haskell and Java

IDE and Java support by Wendel D. de Witte

Haskell support by Rijk J. C. van Haaften

Latest news

April 4, 2005 - JCreator online again
After my website has been down for a few days, JCreator is available again.

January 24, 2005 - JCreator downgrade :-(
In JCreator 3.5 a lot has changed, and I don't have time to work on updating my files, so I provide version 2.5 again. I tested it, and it turns out to be no problem having JCreator 3.5 running for use with Java, while having version 2.5 (that is provided here) installed for Haskell.

December 14, 2004 - JCreator upgrade
After a long time of silence, I switched to a new version of JCreator (3.50) but be warned: this change is untested yet. I'd like any feedback about how well or how bad JCreator LE 3.50 works with the Haskell support module.

August 2, 2002 - JCreator update
There is a new version of JCreator available, 2.50. On my computer however, it shows files scrambled unless I change fonts to Courier New. Download at your own risk. You have been warned.

Downloads - you need these files (as far as you don't have them already)

The Haskell module which links the three packages HaskellModule4.exe 515 KB
The installation instructions ReadMe.txt 3 KB
Binaries, libraries, and WinHelp documentation of the November 2003 release of hugs hugs98-Nov2003-2.msi 8.0 MB
a new Winhugs.exe windows binary is available (fixes some bugs) 219 KB
The Haskell Graphics library for Windows GraphicsLib.msi 254 KB
Local copy of JCreator 2.5 Light edition 2,251 KB


JCreator is a highly customizable Java IDE for Windows. Features include extensive project support, fully customizable toolbars (including the images of the tools) and menus, increase/decrease indent for a selected block of text (tab/shift+tab respectively). The Haskell support module adds syntax highlighting for haskell files and winhugs, hugs, a static checker (if you double click on the error message, JCreator will jump to the right file and line and highlight it yellow) and the Haskell 98 Report as tools.

Supported Platforms: Found to work on all of Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2k and WinXP
JCreator is a trademark of Xinox Software; Copyright © 2000 Xinox Software

Known bugs and problems

With JCreator 2.50, files might appear completely schrambled. Change the display font to Courier New.

Wish list

The still lasting item on my wish list is:


February 13, 2002 - Documentation & Installer update

This update reintroduces the documentation tool. The problems that were reported about the tool are (hopefully) fixed. The html version of Bernie Pope's Tour of the Haskell Prelude , made by Arjan van IJzendoorn is included as well.
The requirement that Hugs, the GraphicsLib and JCreator are installed in certain directories is removed, thanks to the use of a new installer.

January 4, 2002 - Hugs & Graphics update

July 26, 2001 - Updated to JCreator 2 LE (the freeare edition)

May 14, 2001 - Updated to Hugs February 2001

February 6, 2001 - New registry settings

February 5, 2001 - Installer bug workaround release

February 2, 2001 - Easier install procedure

February 1, 2001 - Launch date

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The JCreator website
The Haskell website
The Hugs website

Who am I?

Foto name Rijk J. C. van Haaften
study Computer science
birthdate 22 august 1981