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The Bangladesh ICT Business Center is an established provider of innovative IT solutions, presenting the combined talents of over 30 Bangladeshi companies, under a single umbrella.

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BIBC Home Page is being updated with new content and dynamic applications to serve its Web-based audience better. We plan to activate all the links by the beginning of May.

Why BIBC ?
The reasons why you should consider BIBC for challenging outsourcing needs:

Brings diverse skill-sets in various IT service areas. BIBC provides services of multiple proven software solution providers.

You will encounter complications in dealing with offshore companies. BIBC
Will work out the details and help to ensure smooth offshore outsourcing.
BIBC represents software providers of varying degrees of expertise in diverse
areas under a single banner. Based on your budget and time., US-based managers can help tailor a custom solution that will fit your needs.


BIBC is pleased to announce
that 27 Bangladeshi
The March/April 2004
Newsletter of BIBC has been
Outsourcing Strategies
resources added to Online
BIBC embarks on its Sales
Leads Management Program
with Member Companies
New Newsletter (May/June) Published.
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More details on how
provider companies
can offer their services
through BIBC are
available here. The
membership rates,
and more details
about the shared
office are available.
To become a BIBC
member, you would
need to submit these
three documents
(membership form,
customer profile
and MOU).
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