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Sava Shumanovik

Turkish Bath, 1926
Toma Rosandik

Thirst, c. 1929/30
Nikola Martinovski

Dervish with a white beard, 1934/35
From Classicism to Modernism

A large part of the Skopje Art Gallery was acquired in the first years after its foundation in 1948/49. On the initiative of several distinguished artists and scolars - including LAzar Licenovski, Nikola Martinovski, Dimo Todorovski, Borko Lazeski and Dimce Koco- and with ample financial support from the Macedonian Goverment, a commision was established which later purchased the first works of art in the collection. Enjoying full freedom of choise and guided chiefly by artistic and historical qualities, the commission members demonstrated unparalleled expertise and profesionalism.

The initial works werre obtained after commission members visited various exhibits in cities throughout the former Yugoslavia. Purchased from art studios and private collections, or received as gifts, the collection consists of 170 paintings, 46 scultures and 150 drawings or prints.

This exhibition is a good opportunity to remind ourselves of and acquaint new generations with an inportant period of art history in what used to be Yugoslavia.In this way, the exhibition can best serve its main purpose: to be an exciting and open encounter with works which are of exceptional historical import and can serve as stimulus and inspiration for further artistic exploration. The works selected for this exhibit date from the late 19th century to the 1940s.In choosing what you see, an emphasis has been placed on the development from classicism to the formation of modern artistic expression.
Lazar Lichenoski (1901-1964),
Nude, 1927
Pavle-Paja Jovanovik (1859-1957),
Portrait of a lady, c. 1920
Miroslav Kraljevik (1885-1913),
Portrait of a litle girl I, 1920
Konstantin Danil (1798-1873),
Portrait of Maria, 1872