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A Live CD? Take the Survey
    We are thinkin' 'bout putting together a DVN live CD from the various recorded shows we have in the archive. (And by "archive," we mean Storm's crisper drawer; someone told us audio keeps better when chilled...) But to make it happen, we need your help. (Really? Yes, really.) How, do you ask? By taking this survey. Okay, it's not glamorous, but it's something; baby steps, people...
Paul and Storm's New CD, Opening Band, Hits the Shelves So, You Bums, What Now?
    What now indeed. Get a whiff:
    Richard's music booking agency, the Rock Creek Artists Group, grosses literally dozens of dollars.
    Bernie isn't actively performing, but has various projects developing; go see his discussion group.
    Paul and Storm are performing new original stuff as a duo. Visit their badly-designed website.
What's Up With You Guys Not Touring?

Still Got Some "Brontosaurus" For Sale

    Recipient of the 2002 Washington Area Music Award for Best A Cappella Recording! Chock-full of favorites of the "Bob and Tom Show", and currently available at shows or right here from the website! (Yes, "that song" is on the CD.) Read some reviews of Brontosaurus on the multimedia page.

Still Bored At Work? Join the Official DVN Fan Club!

    Maybe you should reconsider your career choices. But meanwhile, check it all out at Yahoo! Groups.

Boy group? Not a chance...we're a MAN BANDTM


    Many bands are musically captivating. Some bands are hilariously funny. Other bands are full of charm and personality. And then, there's Da Vinci's Notebook—they're all of the above, and they do it all without instruments. With soaring vocals and a "Simpsons"-like sense of humor and absurdity, their take-no-prisoners songs skewer everything and everybody from boy bands, road rage and pretentious '70s rock icons to weight-loss schemes, cloying folk anthems and pickled okra.

    Da Vinci's Notebook (known as "DVN" to the tragically hip) has been described as "Bobby McFerrin and 'Weird Al' Yankovic colliding on stage." They have drawn comparisons to They Might Be Giants and Barenaked Ladies with their inspired original material, clever parodies and high-energy, "absolutely-anything-goes" live performances. Da Vinci's Notebook shows regularly feature on-the-spot requests, lots of audience interaction, improvised lyrics, conga lines, and the occasional Britney Spears imitation.

    The Arlington, VA-based group performs at music festivals and stages across the country and been featured on NBC's Today Show, Comedy Central, ABC's Drew Carey Show, the syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show, NPR, and XM Satellite Radio. For good measure, their music has been heard in Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England, Germany, Italy, and—no kidding—Antarctica. They have served as Artists-in-Residence at the Kennedy Center, and received 2002 Washington Area Music Association Awards ("Wammies") for Best A Cappella Group and Best A Cappella Recording for their album "Brontosaurus."

    Just so you know: no matter how you ended up in our little breakfast nook in the digital kitchen, there are tons of informative, fun, and useless distractions here for you while you sit at your computer frittering away your precious time on Earth. (It's your dime.)

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