Feb 13, 2006  

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Workshop Application | Sample Agenda

Picture of the CapitolThe Paul Ambrose Political Leadership Institute focuses on teaching political and activist techniques within the context of public health and health policy issues. Participants will be assigned a public health topic on the first day of the workshop and will work as a team to produce sound bites, policy briefing papers, a speech, and a legislative strategy for that issue. Then, professionals and experienced activists will critique each portion of their brief and provide suggestions for improvement during small-group workshops. This will enhance the specific skills of each participant so that they may emerge as a community leader, not only in medicine, but also in the process of health policy. On the final day, participants will go to Capitol Hill for a lobby visit with their Congressional Representatives.

The Paul Ambrose Political Leadership Institute seeks medical and premedical students who have demonstrated leadership skills, commitment to public health, and a strong interest in politics. Each school can nominate a student for each of the three sessions. If you want to participate, speak with your dean of students to receive a letter of support to include with your application. We ask that the school provide the cost of transportation for each student to demonstrate their commitment to and support of physician leadership.

Workshop Dates:

  • December 3-5, 2005. Applications due by October 24, 2005
  • January 21-23, 2006. Applications due by December 12, 2005
  • February 25-27, 2006. Applications due by January 16, 2006

Participants must arrive on the Friday night before the workshop.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Health care access and reform
  • Prescription drug access
  • Funding of graduate medical education
  • Pharmaceutical industry practices
  • Medical malpractice tort reform


  • Research: comprehensively collecting data for political and legislative efforts
  • Political Strategizing: establishing and organizing alliances between groups within the community, forming partnerships with outside institutions (e.g., between medical schools and schools of public health)
  • Public Speaking: conveying the message, generation of support through public presentations
  • Media Relations: developing skills to influence the selection of topics by the mass media and to shape the debate about these topics
  • Lobbying: effectively stating the case personally to legislators and other policymakers

All questions should be directed to Chris McCoy, AMSA's Legislative Affairs Director, at lad@amsa.org or 703-620-6600 x211.


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