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Hazel Blears - Crime

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Hazel Blears - Crime

Hazel Blears MP is Minister of State for Crime, Security and Communities. Paul Goggins is the Under-secretary of State who supports her.


Hazel Blears is responsible for:

  • the Police Service
  • counter-terrorism
  • crime reduction (including violent crime, guns, knives)
  • anti-social behaviour
  • community safety and active citizenship

She is supported by under-secretary of state Paul Goggins MP, who is specifically responsible for:

  • serious and organised crime
  • drugs
  • the Asset Recovery Agency
  • the Security Industry Authority
  • public order, sex offences, roads policing, animal extremism, internet crime, child pornography and football disorder
  • voluntary and community sector, community cohesion, faith and race equality



She has overall responsibility for reducing crime and the fear of crime, police policy and police reform, community safety and anti-social behaviour, Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships and the Street Crime Initiative. She also provides support to Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, on counter-terrorism and resilience.

Hazel Blears was elected MP for Salford in May 1997.

Before she came to the Home Office, Hazel Blears was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, on 29 May 2002, having previously been Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health from 11 June 2001.

Before her appointment at the Department of Health, Ms Blears was Principal Solicitor for Manchester City Council. She was PPS for Alan Milburn, who was the Minister of State at the Department of Health in 1998, and the Chief Secretary at the Treasury in 1999.  Ms Blears previously worked as a solicitor for Rossendale Council between 1981 and 1983 and for Wigan council between 1983 and 1985. She was a Salford City Councillor between 1984 and 1992 and was chair of Salford Community Health Council from 1992 to 1996.

Ms Blears was born 14 May 1956 and was educated at Wardley Grammar School; Eccles VIth Form College; Trent Polytechnic; Chester College of Law (BA Hons, Law)