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Dear Students,

This curriculum guide will allow you to dream about what you might do and plan for what you will do. Hopefully, you will browse through it thoroughly, more than once. Lurking amidst the hundreds of descriptions, you might find a course to capture your imagination.

The chart of graduation requirements lists the courses you must take to graduate from Stuyvesant. For some of them, there are no alternatives. For others, you may select one of several alternate courses. For still others, you may choose from among scores of classes. Familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide so you can choose intelligently.

Please share this online Course Guide with your parents and discuss your course selections with them and refer to it each time you register during your stay at Stuyvesant.

Many thanks to Gene Blaufarb, former Assistant Principal, PPS, all of the Department Chairpersons and Coordinators, and the many teachers who contributed information for this guide. I am especially appreciative of the technological guidance I received from Steve Kramer and Mike Zamansky in translating the Course Guide from print to the Internet.

 Susan Brustein
Program Chairperson (1997 - 2000)


Navigate through this online Course Guide by clicking on the various department names below. Each department name is linked to its own Table of Contents., Important course requirements/restrictions are listed on the Table of Contents alongside each course.All course descriptions are accessible from that departmental page.

Subject Area

Department Supervisor


Biology , Psychology and Geo -Science

Ms. Elizabeth Fong, Chairperson


Chemistry and Physics

Dr. Olga Livanis, Chairperson


Computer Science

Mr. Michael Zamansky, Coordinator



Mr. Eric Grossman, Chairperson


Foreign Languages

Ms. Arlene Ubieta, Chairperson


Health and Physical Education

Ms. Martha Singer, Chairperson



Mr. Daniel Jaye, Chairperson


Music and Fine Arts

Dr. Raymond Wheeler, Chairperson


Social Studies

Ms. Jennifer Suri, Chairperson


Technology Education

Dr. Raymond Wheeler, Chairperson


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