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Update 16-MAY-2005 1kw Amp will be finished soon!


20th Feb 2004

New N-channel Amplifier PCB Coming Soon!

It will feature 8 O/P devices, an extra Buffer Stage and Surface Mounted Devices.

Board Layout is now completed, Prototype is been constructed.


13th March 2004

Click on the link below to see the new N-Channel PCB!

New N-Channel PCB


24th Feb 2004

I will be featuring the progressive construction of a Mono 1kw Amplifier 

into a wind tunnel chassis and a 1600 watt amplifier in a stereo wind tunnel version.

You will see the first photos in few days. Also keep an eye out for the New N-channel Amplifier 

mentioned above, It's going to be fun!


27th Feb 2004

Here are the first pictures of the Mono Block and Stereo Wind Tunnel chassis.  

New Projects

New PCB's are now back in Stock!


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