The Panel of Reviewers of the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights commends the following authors and books published in 2003-2004 that speak of multiple interlocking systems of domination, and of alternative ways to dismantle power imbalances.

Aarim-Heriot, Najia

Chinese Immigrants, African Americans, and Racial Anxiety in the United States, 1848-82, University of Illinois Press, 2003

Historical chronology clarifying the link between anti-Black and anti-Chinese attitudes and actions.

Race Relations: Chinese Americans: African Americans

Alcaraz, Lalo

Migra Mouse: Political Cartoons on Immigration

Migra Mouse: Political Cartoons on Immigration, RDV Book/Akashic, 2004

Refreshing look at the inconsistencies and contradictions in public perceptions of immigration, the border and mucho mucho mas.

Immigrants: Mexican

Allen, Paula Gunn

Pocahontas: Medicine Woman, Spy, Entrepreneur, Diplomat, Harper San Francisco, 2003

Historical presentation on the Powhatans and their practices during the time of Pocahontas and the settlers.

Indigenous: Biography

Bender, Steven W.

Greasers and Gringos: Latinos, Law, and the American Immigration

Greasers and Gringos: Latinos, Law, and the American Immigration, NYU Press, 2003

The intersection between stereotypes and the law, with close attention to the role of mass media in perpetuating stereotypes.

Latino/a Americans: Law

Brown, Michael K.; Martin Carnoy; Elliott Currie; Troy Duster; David B. Oppenheimer; Marjorie M. Shultz; and David Wellman

White-washing Race: The Myth of a Color Blind Society, University of California Press, 2003

Meticulous refutation of arguments and policies that manifest and perpetuate racial inequalities.

Racism: Race Relations

Burke, Carol

Camp All-American, Hanoi Jane, and the High and Tight

Camp All-American, Hanoi Jane, and the High and Tight, Beacon Press, 2003

Insight into entrenched misogynistic framework of military culture.

Military: Women

Chang, Iris

The Chinese in America, Penguin, 2004

Accessibly told experiences of Chinese Americans over past 150 years.

Chinese Americans: History

Churchill, Ward

On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: Reflections on the Consequences of U.S. Imperial Arrogance and Criminality, AK Press, 2003

Challenges with historical detail the myth of the U.S. as a "peace-loving nation."

United States: Imperialism

Cobble, Dorothy Sue

The Other Women's Movement: Workplace Justice and Social Rights in Modern America

The Other Women's Movement: Workplace Justice and Social Rights in Modern America, Princeton University Press, 2004

Labor feminists, advocating full industrial citizenship, were clear that equal treatment was insufficient to bring equality.

Working Class Activism: Women

Cruikshank, Margaret

Learning To Be Old: Gender, Culture, and Aging, Rowman & Littlefield, 2003

Strong critique using stories, memoirs, oral histories and plays of our culture's views of aging.


Dodson, Howard/ Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library

Jubilee: The Emergence of African- American Culture, National Geographic, 2003

Highlights the resiliency of Africans enslaved in the Americas in shaping their worldview and communities amidst harsh contexts.

African Americans: Social Conditions

Dow, Mark

American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons

American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons, University of California Press, 2004

Exposes the "catch-22" of immigration law practice and policy implementation.

Human Rights: Immigrants

Everett, Percival; Kincaid, James

A History of the African-American People [Proposed] By Strom Thurmond As Told to Percival Everett & James Kincaid: A Novel, Akashic Books, 2004

Satire of publishing industry/academe/government/race ideology told by letters.

Race Relations: Fiction

Fecho, Bob

"Is This English?": Race, Language, and Culture in the Classroom, Teachers College Press, 2004

About learning through process, and the inquiry-based process of learning.

Education: Multicultural

Gonnerman, Jennifer

Life On the Outside: The Prison Odyssey of Elaine Bartlett, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004

Story of return to her family and community of a woman who served sixteen years in prison on first drug offense.

Criminal Justice

Grounds, Richard; Tinker, George; Wilkins, David; Eds.

Native Voices: American Indian Identity & Resistance, University Press of Kansas, 2003

Self-determination as grounding of indigenous cultures of resistance.

Indigenous Rights

Gunning, Monica; Pedlar Elaine (Illustrator)

A Shelter in Our Car, Children's Book Press, 2004

Relationship between mother and child while living in a car by night while going to school during the day.


Hahn, Steven

A Nation Under Our Feet: Black Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration

A Nation Under Our Feet: Black Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration, Belknap/ Harvard University Press, 2003

About resistance in rural south by slaves and free Blacks widening the parameters as the prototype of later nationalism.

African Americans: Social Conditions

Harris, Leslie M.

In the Shadow of Slavery: African Americans in New York City, 1626-1863, University of Chicago Press, 2003

Depicts struggles over race, class, culture, and assimilation both within and between communities.

African Americans: Social Conditions

Hayden, Tom

Street Wars: Gangs and the Future of Violence, The New Press, 2004

Counters myths and realities about gangs in focusing on Inner-city peacemakers.

Gangs: Peace

Hill, Laban Carrick

Harlem Stomp! A Cultural History of the Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Stomp! A Cultural History of the Harlem Renaissance, Little Brown & Co. 2003

Photos, broadsides, art and artifacts with solid narrative.

African Americans: Literature: Arts

Humez, Jean M.

Harriet Tubman: The Life and the Life Stories, Little, Brown & Co., 2003

Biographical overview based on extensive research as well as a collection of the stories Tubman told/performed about her own life.

Slavery: Resistance: Biography

Kim, Suji Kwock

Notes from the Divided Country: Poems, Louisiana University Press, 2003

Re-imagining, and re-living, of the suffering of her people, reconnecting herself to misfortunes.

Korean Americans: Social Conditions: Immigration

Lamb, Wally and the Women of York Correctional Institution

Couldn't Keep it to Myself: Testimonies from Our Imprisoned Sisters, Regan Books/Harper Collins, 2003

Stories of abuse, hope, humor, coping and triumph in the face of incarceration.

Women: Prison System

Lawson, Bill E. & Koch, Donald F., Eds.

Pragmatism and the Problem of Race, Indiana University Press, 2004

Essays on pragmatism's potential contribution to everyday issues of people's struggles with, and against, racial oppression.

Race Relations: Pragmatism

Lebsock, Suzanne

A Murder in Virginia: Southern Justice on Trial, WW Norton, 2003

True story of 1895 crime, convictions and trials demonstrating both interracial cooperation as well as white supremacy.

Race Relations; Justice

Lee, Cynthia

Murder and the Reasonable Man: Passion and Fear in the Criminal Courtroom, NYU Press, 2003

How traditional criminal law defenses enable particular majority group members to justify acts of extreme violence.

Law: Justice

Longmore, Paul K.

Why I Burned My Book and Other Essays on Disability

Why I Burned My Book and Other Essays on Disability, Temple University Press, 2003

Shows how spotty is ADA implementation despite the fact that one in five people in the U.S. are persons with disabilities.

Disability Rights

Martinez, Ruben

The New Americans, The New Press, 2004

Stand-along companion to PBS documentary on seven families.


Melendez, Miguel "Mickey"

We Took the Streets: Fighting for Latino Rights with the Young Lords

We Took the Streets: Fighting for Latino Rights with the Young Lords, St. Martin's Press, 2003

Part memoir, part polemic telling about powerful voice in the 1960s of Puerto Rican self-determination.

Puerto Ricans: Activism

Menkart, Deborah; Murray, Alana D.; View, Jenice L.; Eds.

Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching

Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching, Teaching for Change/PRRAC, 2004

Treasure trove of stories, exercises, participatory projects that can be used with groups in variety of settings.

Education; Civil Rights

Nelson, Jennifer

Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement, NYU Press, 2003

The debates and struggles on a wide range of issues re reproductive rights and the activism of women of color.

Reproductive Rights

O'Brien, Ruth, Ed.

Voices from the Edge: Narrative about the Americans with Disabilities Act, Oxford University Press, 2004

Personal narratives challenging ableism in its many forms.

Disability Rights

Oney, Steve

And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank, Pantheon, 2003

Reconstruction of the events surrounding a 1913 crime.

Lynching: Anti-Semitism

Ping, Wang

The Magic Whip

The Magic Whip, Coffee House Press 2004

Fearsome insight into how cultural ideals and standards, gender and power imbalances impact women and children in various contexts.

Poetry: Women: Chinese American

Randall, Alice

Pushkin and the Queen of Spades: A Novel, Houghton Mifflin, 2004

Extended inner monologue of parent trying to relinquish her expectations for grown son.

Parenting: Race

Vaughan, Marcia; Blanks, Derek (Illustrator)

Up the Learning Tree, Lee & Low, 2003

Children's story about enslaved boys determination to learn how to read.

African Americans: Literacy

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