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Michael Badnarik Sets Eyes on Congress

Aug 18, 2005
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Michael Badnarik, the 2004 presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, has announced his candidacy in the 2006 election for Texas' 10th congressional district.  The announcement was made August 6th in Kansas City during an outreach dinner with the Libertarian National Committee.


Texas' 10th district congressional seat is currently held by Republican Michael McCaul, a former federal prosecutor who is responsible for a program that has prosecuted more than 1,000 people for possessing firearms.  McCaul also points with pride to his role in fighting terrorism, which currently includes sitting on the Homeland Security Committee and being a strong advocate for preserving and expanding the US PATRIOT Act.


While his opponent has been a career government employee, Michael Badnarik was a high-level computer programmer by trade until he shifted to teaching to pursue his passion for the Constitution.  Badnarik created and teaches an eight-hour "Introduction to the Constitution" class and is also author of 'Good To Be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom'.


The Badnarik for Congress campaign has set its focus on three general issues --Family, Property, and Security-- each addressing one to three topics.  The Family focus will be on Parental Rights and federal bounties on broken families.  The Property focus will be on eminent domain abuse and federal subsidies to local governments who maintain redevelopment agencies.  Under Security, the campaign will clarify the immigration and border questions and federal aggravations of international relations, and oppose the PATRIOT Act trend toward totalitarian government.


Campaign staff notes that this campaign is relevant to Libertarians all across the country, because a congressman's votes affect everyone in the country.  The campaign is talking to long-time supporters all over the country and getting their support.  The campaign expects to vastly increase Libertarian-oriented voter registration and membership in the 10th and surrounding districts.


Badnarik says he is very excited about the campaign, smiling "I am looking forward to being the first Libertarian elected to Congress."


The campaign has established its headquarters in Austin Texas, and is in the process of updating the website.  Badnarik has retained the services of California business and political consultant, Allen Hacker.


A Grand Opening ice cream social has been scheduled for the evening of September 18th at campaign headquarters.  For more information, visit early and often:

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