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Lowering Nursing Salaries
2 hospitals to drop licensed practical nurses
Nurses in demand
Physical limitations push nurse to challenge herself
'1 In 3' Nurses Battle Drug Addiction
Medicare For All H.R. 676
Lesbian accuses doctor's office of passing anti-gay literature
Nurses tossing scrubs for all-white uniforms
Raids on members causing high fever in nurse unions
2005: The State of Nursing Salaries
Michigan Nurses support ratio legislation
EMT convicted in fatal prank.
Retired nurse saves brother's chicken
Nurses want self-harmers to be given fresh blades
Bill to require minimum safe staffing standards in Illinois hospi...

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Nursing Discussion Title Last Post Replies
What was the MOST ridiculous thing ... 12:17 PM 643
Breastfeeding and shiftwork - does ... 12:06 PM 2
What do patients say that irks you? 11:56 AM 378
Should a 'old dog' change? 11:55 AM 25
Yeah, that's right, it's my fault. 11:40 AM 35
New OB Nurses, Grads and Students, ... 11:17 AM 332
What shoes do your recommend? 10:52 AM 20
Changing to 24 (military) time 10:42 AM 2
Hedis 2006 10:29 AM 3
need help with case study 10:10 AM 7
Break anyone?????????????????????? 10:02 AM 5
Nursing diagnosis "altered ene... 09:52 AM 483
Thinking of leaving LTC 09:46 AM 6
Lumbar back supports/braces-- 09:45 AM 2
Anxiety on switching careers 09:39 AM 5

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