Olde Lavender Bear by Anita Weller of Puzzle Bears

This pretty teddy, measuring 33cm (13”) high has the appearance of a panda, thanks to the two different mohair fabrics used for her limbs and body, and the shading around her eyes. However Anita Weller has added a neat twist by using shades of cream and lilac and the sparse finish suits the traditional style of this bear beautifully. A neck ruff and a heart-shaped button sewn on the tummy give the appearance of a sweet little clown who would brighten up anyone's day.

Click here to download the pattern templates

Step by step
¼ metre of lilac mohair
¼ metre of cream mohair
Beige felt for pads
One pair of 7mm black eyes
Five pairs of 30mm cotter pin joints
Lilac and brown threads for nose
Strong thread for eyes and seams
Polyester stuffing
Plastic pellets
Ribbon for ruff (gathered)
One button to match

Step by step

1 Transfer the pattern onto card, marking all joint positions and seam openings. Place an arrow on the back of your mohair in the direction of the pile. Draw around the pattern pieces, making sure the arrows correspond with the arrows on the mohair. Remember to reverse the pieces where needed and cut out, snipping only the backing and not the pile.

2 Take both head side pieces and sew from chin to nose (A to B), then at the tip of the nose (A to C). Insert the centre head gusset, easing it in as you sew all around the side head pieces, making sure that the points marked X all match up. Fold an ear piece in half, right side together and sew all round. Make a small slit in the straight edge and turn out. Repeat for the other ear.

3 Take two body sides (do not cut darts) and sew at the bottom (X to X to X). Then pin the body from D to E and sew around twice for strength, leaving a gap for turning out. Sew a felt pad to an arm piece, which is then folded in half and pinned together. Sew around from F to G, leaving a gap for turning. Repeat for the other arm. Take a leg and sew from H to I, leaving a gap for turning. Take a felt foot pad and tack in from I to J, then machine stitch round, easing it in as you sew. Repeat for the other leg. Turn all the pieces right side out and brush the fur from the seams.

4 Stuff the head firmly with polyester, filling the nose firmly and shaping the head as you go. Using strong thread, run a gathering stitch around the neck edge and insert a cotter pin joint. Keep sewing round until secure. Place ears where desired on the head and pin on, then ladder stitch into position, shaping into a curve as you sew. Trim the muzzle, cutting slowly then embroider a lilac nose in whatever shape you wish. Stitch a mouth and outline the nose with brown thread.

5 Choose the position of the eyes and make a hole with an awl. Using strong thread insert the eyes, coming from underneath the head. Make sure these are secure. Attach the head to the body at point X marked, making a small hole with an awl first. Turn down the cotter pin firmly. Put joints into the arms and legs at the dot marks and place into the body. Turn down the cotter pins firmly, then hold the bear up to make sure sure all the limbs are level. Adjust if necessary, then stuff the limbs and close the seams using strong thread and ladder stitch.

6 Stuff the body using polyester and pellets as desired. Close the seam with strong thread and ladder stitch. Check the teddy all over, making sure that the eyes, ears and limbs are level. Now brush over and add the ruff and the button.

Collectors' Notes
For more details about Puzzle Bears, contact Anita Weller, Puzzle Bears, 61 Send Road, Send, nr Woking, Surrey, GU23 7EU. Tel: 01483 224 524. Fax: 01483 211 692. Email: anitaweller@puzzlebears.fsnet.co.uk