Please note: Due to the volume of submissions received, only those submitters whose work is accepted for publication will be contacted.

Fansite Submissions:

Your fansite submission will be reviewed for the following :

  • Clear relationship to the City of Heroes game. Your site must be easily recognizable as a CoH fan/team site (no linking to multi-game sites please - at minimum, you must have a designated City of Heroes page). Please have a brief intro to the game or game description visible on the front page.
  • Site must be complete! Please don't submit unfinished sites "under construction" or with several incomplete site sections.
  • If your site is a team or Super Group site, information about your group and information about how others can join your team should be easily available.
  • Your site must not link to any offensive or inappropriate material and be generally professional looking in design and format.
  • Your URL must be active! URLs not active when we do our regular "sweeps" of the Fansite Portal pages will be removed!

If your submission meets the above criteria, please submit your site here. If approved after careful review, your site will be added to the portal.

Featured Screenshot:

             Sorry , but we are no longer taking submissions for featured screenshots.  We'll let                      you know if or when we decide to accept them again in the future!


Comic Book Fan Fiction:

Time to dust off your trusty word processor and spin a heroic tale of fan fiction for possible publication in the City of Heroes comic book or on the website. What we want to see is a story (no comic book scripts) that chronicles your hero’s or team’s (in-game or original characters) villain-busting adventures. Be as creative as you want, but keep it PG-rated. Files must be in .doc, .txt, or .rtf format.

Aim for 800 - 1000 words, with a max of 1500 words! Special word limit consideration will be given to exceptional work. Screenshots to illustrate your story are encouraged!

Please send all submissions to, with the subject heading Fan Fiction Submission. The by-line can be your real name or a character name (or both).

Comic Book Fan Art:

Send us your best City of Heroes-inspired artwork for consideration in the Heroic Visions art gallery. Any original medium is acceptable (pen & ink, digital, oils, etc.) as long as you keep it on a family-friendly level. Do not send us nudity or other objectionable images. Let us know if you want credit under your real name or a character name.

The full image should be between 100 x 100 and 2000 x 2000 pixels and be less than 380KB in size. Images should be in JPG format. We may also ask for a higher resolution (300dpi) image in .tiff format – so make sure you save a high-resolution version of your submission!

Please send submissions to with the subject heading Fan Art Submission.

*****PLEASE NOTE : You may NOT use any materials that you do not own the rights to and utilize them for your fan art. Likewise, taking an image and altering it slightly (via Photo Shop, for example), then presenting it as your own work is strictly prohibited. You must have ownership rights to every element included in the fan art you submit. Also, any copyrighted heroes and/or trademarked names that appear in your art will automatically disqualify it!   We're talking comic book heroes, T.V. characters, movie characters, etc.  If it's a recognizable, copyrighted character from a property that isn't owned by Cryptic/NC Interactive, Inc., or you, it can't be submitted.  You must make sure your submission doesn't infringe on any patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right, or any privacy, publicity or publishing rights of any third party, or is libelous, obscene or otherwise contrary to law.

If you have any questions regarding these submissions, please drop a note to

The Paragon Times (Comic Book Edition) Articles:

News items should be short, no more than 200-250 words in length, with appropriate screenshots if available (screenshots are strongly encouraged).

Interviews, features and general articles should be no longer than 500 words. NPC interviews or op-eds should be between 100 and 150 words.

Photo-essays should include no more than 6 screenshots in JPG or tiff formats with appropriate captions. The deadline for any specific issue is the 15th of each month.

Selected work may appear under your real name or a pseudonym. Written submissions will be accepted only in .doc, .txt, or .rtf formats. Please have Paragon Times Article in your subject line. All submissions, questions and queries should be emailed to

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!


Submission Guidelines: Legal Notice:

You acknowledge that NCI, Cryptic and their Game Content providers have rights in their respective Game Content under copyright and other applicable laws, and that you accept full responsibility and liability for your use of any Game Content in violation of any such rights. NCI, Cryptic and their Game Content providers grant you the right to use the Game Content for noncommercial, personal purposes, including in connection with creating fan fiction or fan web sites regarding the same. However, you acknowledge and agree that you shall not reproduce, prepare derivative works based upon, distribute, publicly perform, or transmit any Game Content for commercial uses without first obtaining the express written consent of NCI. For clarification purposes only, ³derivative works based upon² Game Content are works that are substantially similar, both in ideas and expression, to the Game Content. If a work created by you or someone other than NCI or Cryptic (or their Game Content providers) is likely to bring to mind the Game Content, then it is likely that such work is a derivative work of the Game Content, which may not be used for commercial purposes.

You can upload to and create content on our servers in various forms, such as in selections you make and characters and items you create for City of Heroes, and in bulletin boards or similar user-to-user areas (³Member Content²). By submitting Member Content to or creating Member Content on any area of the Service and/or throughout the world, you (a) warrant that your Member Content is your own original work, which does not violate any rights of any third party (including, without limitation, any patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right, or any privacy, publicity or publishing rights), and (b) acknowledge and agree that such Member Content is the sole property of NCI and Cryptic Studios and assign to NCI and Cryptic Studios all right, title and interest, including copyright, in and to the Member Content. NCI or Cryptic, in their sole discretion, may edit and modify the Member Content. To the extent that NCI cannot claim exclusive rights in Member Content by operation of law, you hereby grant (or you warrant that the owner of such Member Content has expressly granted) to NCI and its related Game Content providers a non-exclusive, universal, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicenseable right to exercise all rights of any kind or nature associated with such Member Content, and all ancillary and subsidiary rights thereto, in any languages and media now known or not currently known.