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~~A place to gather ideas and share your own~~


Following is a collection of units that I have acculmulated from many sources during my years of teaching kindergarten.  Lesson plans are posted for those titles which are underlined.   New units are added every few weeks.  If you would like to be notified when new units are added, please subscribe to my mailing list on my homepage. 

Many of these units include links to  You may click on the link to view a book review or to place an order.  Use your browser's "back" button to return to the unit page. 

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Weekly Units

5 Senses Alaska Apples Australia Back to School Butterflies Christmas
Colors Dental Health Dinosaurs Eggs Fall Friendship Fire Safety
Forest Animals I am Special Insects Monkeys My Body Native Americans Ocean
Pilgrims Plants Pond Animals Rabbits Space Spiders St. Patrick's Day



These units are designed to be taught over a period of less than a week.

100th Day of School Canada Great Britain
Groundhog Day Mothers' Day Presidents' Day


Other Teaching Ideas

These are some cute ideas that I got from various sources.  I do not claim them as my own.  I hope that you can find a use for them in your curriculum.

Journal Topics

Monthly Circle Time Songs

End of the Year and Kindergarten Graduation Ideas

Handprint Poems

Sight Word Ideas

Shoe Tying Ideas

Poetry Notebooks

Center Time Ideas

50 State Book List Clay and Dough Recipes Just for Math
Virtual Field Trips Family Projects Handwriting Poems
Homework in K Mini-Books Celebrating Birthdays

General Classroom Routines

(More to come!  Check back soon!)



~~ Submit Your Great Ideas! ~~

Do you have a great idea to submit for any of these units? I will give you credit on the unit's page.  I can also post a link to your webpage if you have one of these units on your site.  When you e-mail me, please put "Unit Ideas" in the subject line.  Thanks!



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