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A Day To Remember
And Their Name Was Treason
Indianola CD

And Their Name Was Treason might be one of the best fusions of metallic hardcore and melodic punk-rock I've heard recently.

Believe you me, A Day To Remember's hybrid of punishing heaviness and catchy melodies is fresh, invigorating, and downright infectious. They smoothly spring back-and-forth between booming chugga mosh breakdowns, melodic guitar thrashing, and driving upbeat rock…flawlessly. Even more interesting is the vocal diversity. Jeremy McKinnon's release ranges from strongly sung to deep and guttural…but he alters at the perfect moments, nicely changing with the mood of the instrumentations.

Don't be surprised if at one second you feel like exorcising that anger within by yelling and kicking along to the thick resonating breakdowns, and at another second you feel like hugging the closest person next to you and singing along. The fourth track, "A Second Glance," will make you do just that. Along with the rest of And Their Name Was Treason, it's an overall richly varied song, and one of my favorites off the release: "You're all I've ever needed in this life / And I've tried so hard to make this right / Move / You've got my back to the wall / After all you put me through, my friends still staid true."*

This is a unique release, with an equally attractive delivery. Lots of mosh, yet there are a lot of head-bobbing melodic parts to boot. A Day To Remember even throws in a beautiful acoustic number unfortunately titled "You Had Me At Hello" (if I hear or read that phrase one more time I'm going to crush every copy of Jerry Maguire that I come in contact with). Simply put, And Their Name Was Treason is an exciting blend of heaviness and melodious punk-rock that I can not stop listening to.

by Ken Hawk

*Taken from "A Second Glance"