Dr Wendy Denning, recently named in Tatlerís Top 150 Private Doctors, is a GP with over 20 years experience in the profession. She is a strong advocate of the Integration of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine, having started to develop this longstanding interest even in medical school.

She believes that good diagnosis is the cornerstone to good medicine and that this is best achieved by understanding how to read the bodyís signs and signals and then confirming this with appropriate medical tests.

Having established the right diagnosis she believes that treatment is best achieved by combining a number of different approaches, which may include anything from acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, herbal medicine to supplements, but it always includes diet and lifestyle adjustment. She believes that the foundation of any treatment plan is good nutrition and a moderate lifestyle, for without good building blocks nothing can be sustained.

She is a strong believer in the patient being actively involved in the treatment process. By giving the patient excellent medical advice she believes the patient is then in a position to make the correct informed choice. Her style is then to encourage and motivate the patient to achieve their desired goals.

Her strong foundation in traditional medicine and her extensive training in complimentary medicine means that she brings many different strengths to the consultation process.

Her approach is warm, open, compassionate, humorous and straight forward which is widely appreciated by her patients.

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