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Friends of Tomata from Miami Beach will be holding a wake / celebration of Tomata's life at the Deuce Bar Saturday Oct. 28 starting promptly at 6pm.
Mary Klein, owner of the Deuce, will be unveiling a Tomata self-portrait she commissioned and received only recently.
The Deuce is located at 222 14th St., South Miami Beach, FL.

There will be a Tomata tribute event to be held in L.A. on November 5.  It will be held in two separate clubs next door to each other ... it will be N.O. style ... the vibe of the place (Fais Do-Do) is perfect rough and tumble old 30's worn parish hall style. There'll be an open mike all day and night in one (smaller) club, and in the second, a ballroom, there are two stages for projections, music, performances, bands, marching bands, parades, balloons, confetti, streamers, food ... the works ... from 2pm till it finishes (a Sunday afternoon-evening). It will be a mulitmedia event and I am sure it will be great.  Stay tuned for details to be announced.
(Thanks to Brendan Mullen and Chase for info.)


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"Black Leather Kerouac"

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