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Remake your worn out denim from last year's, along with the arrival of the New Year!

Remake your worn out denim from last year's, along with the arrival of the New Year!

Happy New Year! The first theme of the denim story this year is "how to remake your denim items". We will introduce you the techniques of how to remake your old denim items you don't really wear these days and customize them into something totally new, along with the coming of the New Year. What you need is a household sewing machine, scissors and a piece of cloth as a patch. We will have a pair of denim jeans as an example this time. Are you ready?

<1> Clean the hall
When the denim is worn out or torn, it is usually the warp threads that are broken while the weft isn't. What you do is to place these broken warp threads properly and iron them. If they are too ragged, then cut off these threads.

<2> Cut the side of jeans open
If the hall is made around the knee area, cut 20cm of the stitched side near the knee area open. It might be easier if you reverse the jeans and cut off a few stitched parts with scissors. There is no need to do this if it is reachable with a sewing machine, like the bottom or the crotch areas.

<3> Set up a sewing machine
Use a thin thread like no.60 for the sewing machine. If possible, try to adjust the color of the thread along with the gradation of washed out denim. Also try to use a thin needle in order for it to blend in to the woven texture.

<4> Stitch the patch from the back side of the hall
Next step is to baste the patch on top of the hall of the reversed jeans then sew it with a sewing machine from the surface of the denim. For the patch, try to find a 100 % cotton fabric that has once been washed as to avoid shrinking. The color of the fabric is preferred to be similar to the denim.

<5> Lock stitching
Lock stitch the parts which have been basted. Try to focus sewing more on the parts that are worn off or torn. The length and the width of the sewing parts can be up to your preference. When the lock stitching is done, reverse the jeans again then trim off the extra bits of the cloth. Finally, stitch the side parts that were cut open then it's all completed.

The tips to finishing it nicely is to use the proper thread and the needle for the sewing machine. Also try to find the patch that has the similar texture to the denim. This remaking technique can be applied to other items as well. Once you know how to do the subtle remaking, we will introduce you another remaking technique that adds extra uniqueness to your fashion in the next issue. See you next month.

When the jeans is torn off, it is usually the warp threads that are broken. Trim them and place them properly before stitching the patch from the backside.

For the patch cloth, the best fabric is a dungaree. Beginners are advised to place the patch with a double sided tape first then use the sewing machine.

When the patch is basted it looks like this. Can you see the threads are going vertically over the hall?

Lock stitching is done and it's completed. Using various kinds of threads and changing the sewing sizes, the finished result can look as subtle as this.

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