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Brasilintime: Batucada Com Discos
release party this Saturday, July 9th!

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In the spring of 2002, Keepintime screened for the Redbull Music Academy in London, England.

The RBMA is a travelling school for DJs and producers from around the world. After the screening the RBMA invited Keepintime (live) to Sao Paulo, Brasil the next location of the school, in disbelief we accepted.

In July I told James, Paul and Derf of the plan and all three smiled broadly and said they were down, Paul quipped "They've already got a lot of good drummers there, why do you need us?"

In September 2002 Coleman and I went to Sao Paulo for nine days. We had a week to link with (hip hop) Brasil, enlist three drummers and find enough breaks to make a break record to guarantee commitment from our oversubscribed DJs back home.

A record hadn't been custom pressed to make a film since Wildstyle.

In Sao Paulo, DJ Nuts became our guide, consultant, collaborator and friend.

Joao Parahyba (Commanche) the legendary drummer of Trio Mocoto and namesake of the famous Jorge Ben song told us he had "waited for a project like this his entire life" and helped us enlist Mamao of Azymuth and he in turn brought the godfather Wilson Das Neves.

The record dealers of Sao Paulo blessed us with so many gems that when we came home there was already a buzz.

Cut Chemist left tour with Jurrassic 5 to go.

J.Rocc and Babu flew twenty four hours straight from Japan to get there.

James Gadson turned down a tour with Beck to make it.

Madlib the most knowledgeable about Brasilian music among us (he had already done an entire album of Azymuth covers) was the easiest sell – he just didn't fully believe it was going down. Sometimes we didn't either.

But on November 25, 2002 as guests of the RBMA in front of eleven hundred Paulistas as well as press from every corner of the globe we restaged Keepintime and then invited on our Brasilian friends to make...

Brasilintime: Batucada com Discos

Brasilintime sound check @ the Urbano Club, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Back row L-R, Babs, Nuts, Cut, JRocc, Derf, Paul. Front row L-R, James, Joao, Wilson, Mamao. Not pictured: Madlib.