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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When your city is French in origin, and your Mayor and Governor are Democrats, and those most affected by this natural disaster are Black, don't expect much help from Bush

The former Mayor of New Orleans, Sidney Barthelemy, was just on CNN imploring (read: begging) for George Bush to take a break from eating cake and playing guitar to come South and survey the damage in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. Soledad O'Brien shamelessly hemmed and hawed that he's supposed to maybe show up Friday, and declared NO a disaster area "before it even happened" whatever that means. Barthelemy's heartbreaking reply was an emphatic "Friday may be too late" and he continued to point out that if the military can help the people of Iraq they can certainly help their own. Although I usually enjoy watching partisans like O'Brien get their asses handed to them, this exchange was devastating because of the desperate tone in the former Mayor's voice, as he asked out loud the questions all of us have been thinking. We are standing by and watching as the President of the United States lets one of our most famous cities drown, and it's remaining populace, the poor and dispossessed who could not evacuate, languish in unsafe, unsanitary, and eventually life-threatening conditions.

Governor Blanco was asked yesterday about the need for Bush to come to her state, in regards to the fact Haley Barbour apparently had spoken with Bush and told him not to come. It was obvious she was parsing through her responses mentally, trying to figure out how to tell W. to get his ass down to The Big Easy without contradicting Barbour or pissing off Karl Rove. She said very little, but managed to make clear that it would help if he did show up. Thank God Barthelemy is of a like mind and has nothing to lose politically by saying so.


Miss Likely said...


4:51 PM  
Harry Tuttle said...

Soledad O'Brien shamelessly hemmed and hawed that he's supposed to maybe show up Friday, and declared NO a disaster area "before it even happened" whatever that means.

I'll tell you what that means, but you won't like it.


Last week they authorized disaster aid for tropical storm Cindy which had hit NO 7 (SEVEN!) weeks earlier.

No shame. Not a friggin bit.

5:26 PM  
eric+martha said...

i just wrote my senator (jack reed)
after reading your site

here it is - BTW soladad is a JOKE!


i am baffled tonight in trying to understand the COMPLETE LACK OF LEADERSHIP THAT IS THE US GOVERNMENT

i am watching SOME BUBBLEHEAD DEMOCRATIC SENATOR (Sen. Mary Landrieu) babble on with her political talk -- shes HORRIBLE!!!! thanking the persident? for what? cutting his golf game short? What the #@**? we are tired of hearing politicians talking about HOW GREAT A JOB THey're doing!!!! this president STAYED ON VACATION AND DID NOTHING FOR 2 DAYS -- you please tell your collegues that YOU have nothing to be proud of. the US government has failed the citizens of the nation.

our government should be ashamed for the utter lack of competency regarding its response to this tragedy. no troops on the ground - no planning ahead. no leadership. i guess this is what happens when the frat party boys run the show - when its time to do some real work they slack off like the hacks they are.

do something. ive seen you on Cspan. kick some ass please - we need it

ps- christ don't let those crooked idiots erase the Inheritance tax (aka the death tax) - the country is broke already and we are all choking on gas prices

11:06 PM  
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