Update 2/14/06

Happy Valentine's Day! The Baskervilles got a box of chocolates from Europe. We will be releasing a 4 song EP in Sweden this spring on Kitty Litter Records. Kitty Litter Records is a fantastic new label run by two future indiepop moguls. Their first release, an EP by the Swedish band Swoon, sold out almost immediately. The Baskervilles are thrilled to be release #2!

Update 01/10/06

Happy New Year everyone! Sometimes, we forget to add a simple hello onto this website. It's not all business in rock n roll. It's also dressing rooms and catering.

Thanks to all of our fans for a great 2005. The Baskervilles west coast tour this summer was incredible fun and we met great bands like the Math and Physics Club. We released the Baskervilles - Midnight EP and video. The Midnight EP is the Baskervilles version of a 7" on CD, with a great single called Midnight At The Underground Club and a whole load of b-sides (6 to be exact) to tide everyone over until Baskervilles album #2.

Right now, the band is writing songs for the follow up to our debut album. I can tell you a few things about it already. We will mix with Mitch Easter, the same fellow who recorded and mixed most of the debut. Stephanie has moved from her $200 Yamaha keyboard to a ritzy Mac laptop with heaps of amazing samples. Rob is playing a Telecaster and a Les Paul now. Craig's drums are rusting. We've already written about 7 songs. There will be strings. The songs are ultra catchy, introspective and uplifting with touches of storybook details and psychedelics. As always, we are trying to make each song a mini opereta with an engaging arrangement and catchy little surprises.

Our intention is to play a lot more shows in the New York area starting in March, so please keep checking this page. Join our mailing list here.

Update 01/09/06

Who do I love? Go here to see what Baskervilles singer Rob Keith is spinning on his iTunes: http://www.last.fm/user/baskervilles

Update 10/31/05.

Midnight, the new EP from the Baskervilles, has been released. It is available with limited edition drawings from the band here.

Update 10/5/05

The Baskervilles have a show coming up at Rothko in New York City on Thursday, October 13th. We will be going on first, followed by the Burnside Project, 33Hz and DJ Duane from Negroclash/Other Music.

Update 10/4/05

The Baskervilles video has been shot! Check out some photos from the sessions. Much more to come. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, especially Jake Hensberry for directing and the film crew, Bill Hallinan and Andre Sala.

Update 9/19/05

Hi Baskervilles fans.

We are still alive and have exciting things on the way. The Baskervilles are going to be shooting a video for Midnight At The Underground Club with famed indie film maker Jake Hensberry in Williamsburg on Sunday, October 2nd. At the same time, Rob Keith is putting together a short film featuring clips of the Baskervilles performing from 1998 - 2005. A video page will soon be added to our button bar.

The Baskervilles are also writing a new album. Musically, it will have a lot in common with our first release with lots of the same pop hooks found on Midnight. We are planning to finish and mix the album with Mitch Easter by summer, 2006. Some of the new tunes include Apartment, Have You Seen Them?, What's Your Hurry?, Lullaby For Elizabeth, Jane Street, Again and Again and Everybody Looks, Not Everybody Finds.


Autoparty has been added to our shop page. Autoparty is the secret electro-disco project started in 2001 featuring bassist Christoph Gerozissis, guitarist/singer Rob Keith and vocalist Ana Breton. We have one great album out called "Lumlight", available on CDbaby for only $5.00. The band will also have a song called "Juliette vs. the Ink Blot" in the fall 2005 issue of Esopus magazine.

Update 8/16/05

Did you miss our tour on the west coast? Did you catch it and want more? The nice folks at KEXP have archived our live in studio appearance!

Click here to go all the way back to July, 11th 2005 and hear the Baskervilles on KEXP. Ah, the memories. Thank you KEXP Chris.

The Baskervilles had an amazing time on the tour. We'd especially like to thank Pop Crush Mike, The Three Imaginary Girls (Liz, Char, Dana), Dagger Tim, KEXP (Cheryl, Janice, Kevin Suggs) and KALX in Berkeley!

Update 6/13/05

Baskervilles West Coast Mini Tour

San Francisco - live on KALX radio Berkeley - Saturday, July 9th, 2005 - with Math & Physics Club 12:00 - 3:00 pm PST
San Francisco
- Popfest - Saturday, July 9th, 2005
Seattle - KEXP radio - Monday, July 11, 2005 - 3pm ***moved to Monday***
Seattle - Chop Suey - Monday, July 11, 2005 - 9pm - with Key Note Speaker & The Elephants - presented by THREE IMAGINARY GIRLS
Portland - Anthem Records - Tuesday, July 12, 2005 - 4:15 pm - free in store appearance! 828 SE 34th Avenue - (503) 963 - 9000
Portland - The Towne Lounge - Tuesday, July 12, 2005 - with Alan Singley And The Pants Machine and an acoustic set from Scott Binkley from the New Usual

Update 6/2/05

Cheeky new Baskervilles photographs are posted on our Bio page. Thanks to Nicolas Wagner for taking them!

Update 5/20/05

This show will preview the 2nd Baskervilles CD, Midnight, and will be at Sin-e on Friday, June 3rd. The party starts at 10 pm! Sin-e is located on 150 Attorney Street @ Stanton.

Update 5/15/05

Lotsa News!

We will play our new forthcoming EP in it's entirety in New York at Sin-e' on Friday, June 3rd. More details soon!

The Baskervilles will also have our first U.S. west coast tour in July. We are scheduled to play in San Francisco on July 9th. We will play shows Oregon and Washington after that!

T shirts and buttons are on the way...

New photos will also soon be added, thanks to a great session by Nicolas Wagner.

Update 3/15/05

The Baskervilles have a show coming up in the New York City on March 25th. It is the Aktion party hosted by our friend, DJ Justine D. It'll be a great night of live music and dancing.

Justine D's Aktion party
Friday, March 25th
Lit Lounge - 93 2nd Avenue
(212) 777-7987

9:15 The Baskervilles
10:00 Americana
10:45 The No Things

Update 1/12/05

A few copies of the new Baskervilles EP, Midnight, are still available as a limited edition with drawings by the band. Go to www.secretcrushrecords.com to hear sound clips and purchase Midnight.

The Baskervilles first show since July is on Saturday, January 29th in New York City at a party called Tiswas at Don Hill's. Don Hills - 511 Greenwich at Spring.


We are hard at work on our new EP, Midnight. It will feature 7 brand new recordings: Midnight At The Underground Club, I Danced With Kate Moss, Black Boots (pt.2), It Can Happen To You, Another Free Show In Battery Park, Pictures Of You (Bartlebees) and La Grande Illusion (Television Personalities).

Update 11/05/04

The Baskervilles want to thank everyone that came to see us at the Northampton Popfest. We'd also like to say thanks to William of Superfallingstars for organizing the event.

Update 10/26/04

Ladies and Gentlemen.... one Baskerville is off the market...

Update 10/10/04

A new compilation called Falling Uphill has been released on Windless Air Music. It features the studio version of the Baskervilles song "John Riley and the Housewives Who Love Him." It also contains great music from Dan Treacy's Television Personalities, The Bartlebees, Jowe Head, The Container Drivers, Darrell Whitbeck and many others.

Update 9/22/04

The Baskervilles have been working on an EP this summer called Midnight. One might even call it a mini-album, featuring 5 new original songs and cover versions of the Television Personalities "La Grande Illusion" and the Bartlebees "Pictures Of You". The cover art will be painted by Jeff Crosby, the clever devil responsible for the mural that adorns our debut album. Look for the EP on Secret Crush Records in early November.

Update 7/14/04

The Baskervilles have organized a benefit as our next show!

Carry On Dreaming - A Benefit For Dan Treacy and the Television Personalities
Friday, July 30th at Sin-e' in New York City
each band will play a 5 song set
show begins at 8:30 sharp

the music:
nottvps (first band)
Burnside Project
Baskervilles (w/ 2 songs by Ira Robbins of Trouser Press)
My Favorite
The Mad Scene

If you would like to donate to the benefit, but can't make it to the show, click here: http://www.baskervilles.net/carryondreaming/

Update 6/24/04

The Baskervilles are busy organising a benefit show, with all proceeds to be used to fund new recording sessions for Dan Treacy, the lead singer of the Television Personalities. Dan Treacy has gone missing for the past few years and is trying to restart his career. The event is scheduled for Friday, July 30th at Sin-e' in New York. The lineup so far consists of The Mad Scene, My Favorite, Ira Robbins (of Trouser Press, who will sing a few songs with The Baskervilles), The Baskervilles, The Insomniacs, Burnside Project, Not The TV Personalities (covers band) - with more to come... We are going to set up a Paypal "electronic admission" for those of you who may not live in New York but would like to contribute to the Dan Treacy benefit. Please check back in a few days.

Update 6/20/04

There is a 25 minute interview with Rob Keith of Baskervilles and AUTOPARTY available online NOW, thanks to Charlie from Well Rounded Radio. Well Rounded Radio is a brilliant website dedicated to spreading the word about fine contemporary music and musicians. You can hear the interview, which contains a history of the band and clips of Baskervilles music (released and unreleased) by going here: Well Rounded Radio

Update 6/19/04

The Baskervilles are busy working on album #2! The Beautiful Music has released a new compilation CD called "Into The Jetstream Of Pop" which contains the debut album version of the Baskervilles "A Free Show In Battery Park" and 19 other great tracks. Fans of the Baskervilles, Television Personalities, Bartlebees and Tables will probably find many tracks to love!

Update 5/14/04

Baskervilles and AUTOPARTY upcoming gigs:

Saturday May 15 - AUTOPARTY opening slot (first ever gig!) at The Hook in Red Hook, Brooklyn - 10:00 PM
Saturday May 29 - Baskervilles at Don Hills in New York, NY - Tiswas - 10:30 PM
Friday, June 4 - AUTOPARTY at Pianos in New York, NY - 11:30 PM
Wednesday, June 16 - Baskervilles live on KEXP radio at New York's Museum of Television and Radio Broadcasting - 12:00 noon

*** Secret Crush Records has released a brand new album from Anthony Reynolds. Go here to check it out: Secret Crush Records ***

Update 3/19/04
Thank you everyone for coming to our gig at Broadcast. It's a great party. Go, dance and drink every Thursday in New York. Check out http://broadcastnyc.com.

You might have noticed the strange 10th song on the Baskervilles CD called "That Is The Scene" credited to the Baskervilles vs. AUTOPARTY. AUTOPARTY is a group featuring Baskerville singer/guitarist Rob Keith and bassist Christoph Gerozissis. For fans of electro, electropsychedelia, laptop pop and disco noir, AUTOPARTY is for you. We have been working on AUTOPARTY's "Lumlight" album for 2 years. Part of the tracks were mixed by Mitch. Keep checking this site for information on AUTOPARTY's web site launch and album release. In the meantime, the Baskervilles are going strong and working on songs for album #2.

Update 3/15/04
The Baskervilles are going to be playing for free this Thursday night, March 18th at Broadcast in New York. DJ Jess & Michael T present BROADCAST. newwave.postpunk.electro.rawknroll. 10 pm doors. Baskervilles go on at 11:00 pm. No Cover. 21+. 2-4-1 drinks from 11:00-12:00 @ Bar 13 - 35 E 13th Street at the corner of University Place, NYC.

Update 2/17/04
There is a huge interview with the Baskervilles available in English and Italian on a great website from Italy. To read the dirty details, go here for English: http://www.indiepop.it/articoli/baskervilles_int_eng.htm or here for Italian: http://www.indiepop.it/articoli/baskervilles_int.htm. Thanks to Salvatore for his enthusiastic support.

Update 01/28/04

Saturday, February 28th - The Baskervilles debut album release party at the Mercury Lounge in New York. Monster Show!

Update 01/07/04
"A Free Show In Battery Park" from the Baskervilles debut album is to be featured on Beautiful Music's International Pop Compilation. The comp also stars The Empiricals (Canada); The Higher Elevations (Sweden); The Loch Ness Mouse (Norway); Phil Wilson (UK); Paul Bevoir (UK); Kosmonaut (UK); Hi Lo Trons (Canada); Summer Factory (France); The Resonars (USA); Nick Danger & The DCR (Canada); Bartlebees (Germany); Woog Riots (Germany); Pub Fiction (Germany); Shambles (USA); One Thousand Violins (UK); Sugarplum (UK); Television Personalities (UK); and Skytone (Canada). It will most likely be released in January or February 2004. For more information, contact

Update 12/21/03
Falling Uphill is a new compilation being released by the Windless Air Music label. A Baskervilles track, "John Riley and the Housewives Who Love Him" will be featured, along with rare tunes by the Bartlebees and Jowe Head (TV Personalities and Swell Maps).

Update 11/14/03
Finally - The Baskervilles debut album has been released! Hear tracks on this site. Purchase our Mitch Easter produced 10-song hot platter at www.secretcrushrecords.com/shop.php for only $10!

Update 11/10/03
The Baskervilles have a track appearing on an upcoming Television Personalities tribute album. The band remodeled the classic Dan Treacy song "Parties In Chelsea." The compilation will feature former TV Personalities members and new bands treating classic songs. Alan McGee, the chief of Creation and Poptones records, will supply liner notes. The CD will be available for sale in the Spring of 2004 from Beautiful Music records - www.thebeautifulmusic.com.

Update 11/7/03
The Baskervilles played at the Secret Crush Records release party for the "Stamp Collecting (For Beginners)" comp. It was the band's first gig in over a year. The first copies of the Baskervilles' album were sold tonight! The Alps played after us. They were all hot boys.

Update 10/15/03
Secret Crush Records have released their first compilation CD called "Stamp Collecting For Beginners". An edited version of the Baskervilles track "After Work" appears on the album. Pick up the compilation at www.secretcrushrecords.com/shop.php.

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