November 25-27, 2005
The Doubletree International Plaza Hotel

Post convention wrap up.

Dear patrons,

Firstly, I must apologize for al that went wrong at Con no Baka, from the lack of pocket programming, to the video rooms which didn't go up, to the unfortunate closure of the convention on Saturday night.  it pains me greatly that al of this occurred, especially given the long and hard work that went into what was supposed to have been a enjoyable convention for all.  Although I know that mere words cannot restore the convention's promise, understand that I too am saddened by what did not work on the weekend.

The negative results which you experienced were a result of a terrible confluence of poor luck, poor offers and poor choices which resulted in an even which fell far below both your and my expectations. 

Poor luck included the catastrophic failure of equipment leading up to, and during the convention including vehicles which were needed to ease the workload of getting ready for the convention as well as the printers which were supposed to provide signage as well as pocket programs.

Poor offers included those by numerous people to help the running of the convention or attend who did not.  Many of those who were counted on helping at the conventions cancelled within the last couple weeks, or never showed up.  Some of these cancellations were legitimate, although catastrophic in some cases, but many were just thoughtless.  these added to the workload of those who did show up and worked as hard as they could to provide what we were able to.  The staff we did have did a fantastic job of keeping the convention going and the events which did work, they are to be praised for their hard an conscientious work.

Poor choices were manly made by myself.  It was not a good choice to create such a grandiose project as a first convention.  Many of my friend told me so, but I had hoped that the promise of a wide ranging convention would draw in many more than it did.  With lack of hotel nights bought and overall attendance, the hotel management made the decision to deny the convention use of function space on Sunday.  While I tried the best to keep it going, the small number of attendees made that impossible.

We had worked for so much more, and I certainly do bear the responsibility for an event which did not measure up.

I am again, very sorry.  The way everything ended up was the last thing I would have wanted.

Aaron Yorgason,

Chair, Con no Baka