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About the Shire of Mundaring

The Shire is predominantly rugged in character with pockets of fertile valleys, hillsides and farming areas. These features have drawn a wide range of people to the area creating an unique community.

This community has evolved from the small townships dotted along the now disused eastern railway line on the Great Eastern Highway. This development has extended to the slopes of the Darling Scarp through Greenmount, Swan View, Darlington and Boya. Its boundary is approximately 18 km from the capital city, Perth.

A distinctive feature of Mundaring is its strong involvement in grass-roots community organisations:

"Many different types of people have come here with little in common except the area in which they chose to live. One unifying factor has been the need to organise at a local level, to manage the affairs of the community and that is why it is appropriate that the organ developed for that was the Shire of Mundaring..."

Forward by Tom Broz in Mundaring - A History of the Shire 


For a photographic record of the construction of Mundaring Weir , the brain child of the then State Engineer C.Y.O'Connor, follow this link. For further information on the Mundaring Weir and the pipeline to Kalgoorlie you may also like to visit the National Trust's Golden Pipeline Project.






The name "Mundaring" has Aboriginal origins:


Aboriginal name meaning "A high place on a high place". This was pronounced "Mundahring" by the aborigines with the emphasis on the first syllable. Through common usage the pronunciation has gradually become converted to "Mundaring".


"Mindar" aboriginal name meaning "Grass tree leaves (or spines)" thus "Mindaring" would be "The place of the grass tree leaves". Originates from a language in common use amongst aborigines in Western Australia.

Extract from The Shire of Mundaring Strategic Plan 1999/2000 to 2002/2003.

STATISTICS (1994/2000)




643.32 sq kms










The Shire of Mundaring Strategic Plan is available free of charge at the Information Service Counter




Is to have a diversity of lifestyles that:

  • Retains the spirit of country living in a forest setting.

  • Maintain the village style communities, which are committed to preserving their environment, heritage and quality of life.

  • Provides true urban communities, linked to the hills.

We will be a community which will be:

  • Friendly, caring and neighbourly, representing a range of different cultures and age groups.

  • Supportive of the arts, music, rural pursuits, cottage industries, sport and the family; a home for creative people.

  • Independent, with a network of community support groups.

  • Strong in citizenship, community pride and sense of belonging.

  • An active participant in reconciliation.

  • A place where our children will want to stay because it is special.

We are committed to the following values:

Community Focus

  • We will have a strong community focus in all we do, providing quality services to the community in a helpful, friendly and caring way.

  • We will be professional in our approach.

  • We will have a commitment to being proactive, knowledgeable, competent.

  • We will adhere to a Code of Ethics to ensure the integrity of Councillors and Shire staff.

  • We will be responsive to community needs with our services and facilities, encouraging community input and welcoming public scrutiny.


Working Together as a Team

  • We will recognise that we will only meet the communities needs if we work together as a close-knit team which is happy, supportive, reliable and loyal, and acknowledge each other achievements.

  • We regard our contractors as part of our team and recognise the importance of contractors being supportive of our values.

  • We understand the importance of being relaxed with each other and fostering a sense of humour and fun.

  • We value managers who provide the leadership and environment where all staff members can give their best.

  • We value staff members who show initiative and accept responsibility and accountability.

  • We appreciate that professional values are also important in staff relationships and we will be committed to quality outcomes, shared responsibilities, innovation and open communication.

  • We will focus on continuous improvement and will ensure that we have ongoing problem solving processes in the organisation so that we are proactive in correcting day to day inefficiencies.


The Shire of Mundaring Strategic Plan is available free of charge at the Information Service Counter




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