Creator: Oh! Great
Publisher: DC/CMX
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Action
RRP: $9.95
Tenjho Tenge v1 [II]
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Changing some dialogues and covering Nagi's middle finger in one scene, no problem.
- Altering a lot of sexual situations, including panties, that's a problem.
- Removing the omake that was from the JP release...THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!

Yeah, I'm one of those people that are pissed about the censorship issue as well, but as far as I'm concern, I don't think CMX is going to change their mind about the situation. What's done is done and they are probably going to continue with this malpratice, pissing more "TenTen" fans than needed. However, if you can look aside the harsh censorship of "TenTen" like you're Joe Lieberman or a strict rule-abiding republican, you'll find yourself a decent fighting comic within the pages, though the fights are rather hard-to-follow due to poor art presentation. Plus there's the deal with the sound effects: other than the "LEAP" ordeal, some sound effects are translated whichever CMX felt like it, and for other that are too big to translate, they left the translation by the side, and some effects were added even when they are not needed; what kind of process is that?

At least the story stands strong, with freshmen Nagi and Bob running the bully biz, until their butts were beaten' not only by the students of the juken club (Takayanagi and Maya), but eventually one of the seniors of the Enforcers, the brutal SGA of the school. Nagi and Bob eventually decides to join the Juken club to go against the big guys. Okay, so the story isn't THAT strong, but at least it's promising, although the promising story is now lost thanks to the edits. Not only are the edits severe, but very noticable, like in the shower scene where in some panels the girl has a bra on, but later the bra's not there. LOUSY! At least they kept Maya's sexual transformation, and that part was funny along with some parts of the manga.

Here's the thing with the censorship of this manga: the scenes that were edited have a purpose. Okay, it's there for the fanservice, and I'm not into fanservice a whole lot, but it's there to add the tone and absurdity within the dark-shonen manga that should've been suggest for older teens. And when CMX took away the fanservice, they took away the debauchery and unfair grudges that sets a special theme to this manga. However, this heavily-edited process is a good thing to happen, because it shows that you can't depend on CMX to license a manga that's even more absurd like "Gantz."

F1rsT Reaction: negative

I don't know how far CMX can go with this censored process in future volumes, but after watching the anime, they would probably censored scenes that don't need to be censored, like the scene where Takayanagi's older brother, Mitsuomi, is licking Maya's wounded shoulder. I don't think that scene is very sexual, but CMX would probably think so. I cannot say "Tenjho Tenge" is the worse case of editing ever done, but it is as a manga standpoint. Even if I don't like fanservice in anime or manga, this is an inexcusable release.

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