Creator: Fumi Yoshinaga
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Comedy
RRP: $12.95
Antique Bakery v1 [I]
Reviewed by Tom Rosin

"Shut up, Geezer, I know!"

Geezer! I love it.

Welcome to the Antique Bakery, where passions are high, the kitchen is cooking, and Tachibana just cannot stand the heat. And it's his own damn kitchen. The problem is, he needs the finest pastry chef, and the finest pastry chef is undoubtedly Ono. Where's the problem in that? Welllll, back in school Ono spilled out his heart and Tachibana rejected him. He's the last guy who did, because since then Ono's acquired an almost demonic charm that - whether he wants it or not - causes every male he fancies to fall in love with him. Tough life, huh? And then there's Eiji Kanda, the highly strung ex-boxer turned sous-chef, who tends to get a little worked up over the food:

"D-DELICIOUS! IT'S TOO DELICIOUS!! If what I've been eating up 'til now can be called cake, then this is the CAKE OF ALL CAKES!!"

It's not long before Eiji's besotted by Ono's skill and demands to become his disciple:

"This flour from France is coarse, so the genoise - in other words, the sponge - made from it is rougher in texture, and soaks up the syrup better."

"So you change the flour every time, depending on the cake?"

"Yes, for something like a chiffon cake that I want to bake up fluffy, I would use a finer flour."


And the surprise is this really is more about cakes than anything else. There's hardly any puns or innuendo or even romance. The proof of the pudding? Tachibana selling the wares to customers:

"From your right, the chocolat orang� - sponge cake that has been thoroughly doused with orange juice and liqueur, wrapped around a slightly bittersweet chocolate mousse. The we have the tarte citron, a delectably sour lemon cream sabl�. Lastly, we have a bavarois-style cake with western pears."

Mmm. Hungry...

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